Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eye appointment

The trio had eye appointments yesterday. Addison's eyes are excellent however the boys both have stigmatisms. These are not the normal kind that run up and down and can correct. These run across their eyes and are normally genetic. Although Adam nor I have this problem. We were told the boys may need glasses by age 3. We are to wait a year and go back to see if anything else has changed. I'm hoping it's a one time fluke if that's possible. I can't imgaine how many broken pairs of glasses we would go through with 3 year olds!

Tyler and Brock just ate soap while I turned my back to share this. I had a bar sitting on the steps I got for Christmas. Still in the platic wrap it came in and they bit straight into it. Brock did not seem to mind but Tyler is making a little gagging cough sound. Must not taste as good as it smells.

No phone

If anyone has been trying to call me I apologize. I lost my cell phone over the weekend and called today to have it turned off. You can reach us at Adam's phone. I plan to get a new one in the next month when we can switch service providers. I'll leave this message up for a few days then delete it since it is not really relevant to the blog, but I figured it was the best way to get the word out.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our weekend

We had a nice weekend. We did lots of firsts. We travelled up to Dayton and took all foud kids to a resteraunt for the first time to meet Grandpa Steve for breakfast. Everyone behaved nicely and ate a ton. We then headed over to Granny and papa's house to visit some of Adam's family. Then headed to Versailles to visit the other side of Adam family. It was a nice day because even though we were running around we were not on a schedule of having to be anywhere by a certain time. For a lot of the family this was their first time to meet the trio. It was nice to see everyone.

Another first was all six of staying in a hotel room. Yes 6 in one hotel room with a full size bed. We got lucky and had a large room to fit the three pack and plays in and then Oaklen on a roll away. The babies slept through the night up to 5am when little miss decided she wanted to come to bed with mommy. She acts much more spoilled than the boys.

We again visited with Adam's family on Sunday for their Christmas party. At this point the babies were getting pretty tired and we needed to head out. We wish we had more time but we can only keep the babies calm for so long and we were pretty wore out ourselves. Oaklen road home with Grandma and grandpa and was about an hour behind us. Even though they left much later than we did we had to stop ten million times.

Oh the trio also split their first Mcdonalds hamburger. Bad Bad unhealthy food! They loved it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures

My very own Who from Whoville

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas cake

I just wanted to share a picture of what my sister Jessica I did ALL day. This is my first time to work with fondant. We had this very cute bow cake planned out and it is harder to do than they made it seem. So we ended up with circle cakes. I still think the cakes turned out great and we learned a lot from trial and error.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread House

Thanks to Donna we had fun with a gingerbread house tonight. Oaklen started eating it within a minute of getting everything on.

Addison's walk-n-crawl (monkey) ????


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Addie Love


I went back and watched this a few times thinking aww how cute when I noticed at the end Addison is making the sign for choking. She was absolutely fine and no she does not yet know this sign. I think maybe her zipper was getting her.

Towel Fun

Addison loves hats and hoods

Testing the new computer with pictures! I found that I did not need my disk because the newer model computer we have has a slot for my SD card! How high tech is that.

Here is a picture of Addison. She is the only one who loves hats and hoods. She will wear them all day and this sweatshirt if my favorite. She looks so cute in it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trip to the mall

Toyota rented out the community room at the mall yesterday with discounts from certain stores. Adam and I packed up the trio to shop. Oaklen was with Grandma and Grandpa watching Brea play in the Velveteen Rabbit.

At the mall we barely made it in the store without comments which of course we expected. The mall was packed! I had a hard time monuvering the stroller around all the people so Adam had to push. Since they weigh close to 60 lbs plus the weight of the stroller it's getting hard for me to turn. Adam was immediatly overwhelmed with the amount of attention. We tried to make no eye contact and just keep moving. We were there for 2 hours before we even it made a purchase because we were stopped so many times. I had the net and signs on the stroller so the babies would not be touched but it did not stop people from putting their faces as close to the net as they could to peek in.

There is something about having triplets that everyone likes to talk. I got stopped by one guy who told me he had a nephew who was 11 months old. I of course smiled and said that was nice. He went on and on. I now know his nephew lives in Columbus, wieghs 30lbs, can walk, does not eat suger, his mommy is a nurse, they have a pond in their yard, and he has already put 1,000 in his college savings account. OH MY GOSH! I thought he would never end.

However dispite the entire night we were not asked one time if we watch John and Kate plus 8! Wow not one time! This is normally the first thing out of peoples mouths. I don't know why because I have multiples and they have multiples I would want to watch their show. I have my own kids yelling all the day why I would want to watch theirs yelling when I finally got my own in bed.

So needless to say the mall is now off limits for us!

New Laptop Yipee

Thanks to my good friend Glinda who clued me in on the sale Wal-mart was going to run today. It was 200.00 less than everday price so we could not pass it up. We know how the good sales at wal-mart work and since they open 24hours the sale actually started at midnight last night. So Adam called at 10pm and they said they only had three and 1 person was already in line. Adam got there in time and waited in line for close to 2 hours to get it. He must have been very bored because he actually had to stay right there no other shopping or he lost his place. Adam had not been to sleep in over 30 hours because he went hunting all day after work. Wal-mart was nice enough to give him a chair to sit. I was just sure when he got home he would come straight to bed but he stayed up until 2am. He is now still in bed and I bet he sleeps half the day.

I am still on the lookout for my camera disk to be able to upload some pictures or to find someway around it, but hopefully soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

No pictures...

I am sorry to say that until I buy a new computer I do not think I will be able to share updated pictures. I tried to transfer some over onto the old computer but I do not have the unload software on it. I can not find my disk to get it either. So I am trying to figure out another option. I could try to get a disk made at wal-mart next time I am there but I am not there everyday so I will not be sharing pictures as often. Since they cut out Adam's overtime we are having to watch our budget which means a new computer is going to have to wait at this time.

So I am going to verbally share a picture I caught yesterday. It was a picture of the kids play area. It was a mess! They now no longer find their toys entertaining unless they flip them upside down. They have figured out how to take their floor mat apart so the pieces are everywhere. I also spent all yesterday rescuing them from the toy box which they find fun to crawl into but can not get back out. The fun game to play is how many babies can fit into a toy tote at one time.

Today Oaklen had no school due to snow. Do you know the school system calls at 5:30 am to let me know this! We had an appointment scheduled (so we thought) for the trio to get flu shots. We knew this would be an in and out trip so we asked Oaklen if he would like to go or stay home. He chose to stay home by himself. We went over the rules 50 times to make sure he knew what to do in case of an emergency. Stay upstairs watch TV do not go to the door for any reason unless there is a fire go next door to paulas and on and on. He did exactly what he was suppose to and we were gone about 45 minutes. I am so proud of him!

We get to the Pedi's office to find out our appointment was yesterday. Yikes luckily with the bad weather (cancellations) they fit us in right away. They even mentioned how it was not like us to not be there when we were suppose to. I don't know what happened but we did have it on the calendar for today. Last week we were at the Pedi for other shots and the babies weights are as follows.

Tyler 19lbs down from 19lbs 6oz
Addison 19lbs 9oz up from 19lbs 6oz
Brock 21lbs 11oz up from 21lbs something oz. :)

Tyler has lost a few oz but we are not concerned. He is so more active than the other two I'm sure he is working it off and/or a faster metabolism.

It's been snowing here. Adam and I still have not had any luck at hunting, but last week on our way out to our spot we got stuck in the snow. We would have been fine but the vehicles in front of us slid and stopped so we had to stop when we went to go again we slid right off the road. I have not driven a standard in over 10yrs other than backing up and forward in the drive way so it left me to push. If I had a camera we would be 10,000 richer because I'm sure this was a sight to see. I pushed the truck in the snow slipping everywhere for umpteen yards. When Adam got going he could not stop or he would slide again so here I am running beside the truck trying to open the door. Once I get it open I fell behind so I had to run my butt off again to catch up and jump into the truck at which point I only caught the very corner of the seat and Adam grabbed ahold of my jacket and pulled me the rest of the way in. I had forgotten my inhaler so I was a mess but after I caught my breath Adam and I laughed all the way home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How much can 1 year old triplets eat in one day?

48-64oz of milk
2-3 eggs with cheese
1 large bowl of cereal with juice and milk mixed in
banana puffs
5 chicken nuggets
10oz of lintels mixed with sweet potatos
9 animal crackers
more cheerios
grilled cheese
4oz apple sauce
mac and cheese
gerber little crunchies

Addison signs

We have been working on signs for a very long time! I thought they would never get it but yesterday Addison finally started to sign eat. I'm so proud of her!


Brock is not yet walking but he has found a new form of transporation and he's faster than Addie and Ty are on foot.

I have gotten the computer working temporarily however the burner has quit. So my next option is to try to get all the photos transfered to an online backup tonight. I'm afraid if I so much as move the laptop the wires will disconnect. I will post this video then add the next on a seperate post just incase it breaks during upload.

It has kicked the bucket

After many months of problems and blaze orange duck tape holding our laptop together it finally has decided to kick the bucket. The screen had detached from the base months ago and was only holding on by the wires and duck tape. I have spent the night trying to get the wires attached long enough to get my photos burned to a CD. I had not done a backup on them since last December so I hope to be able to get them back. I got two great videos that I wanted to share today and hope to have them on here by tomorrow. It's very scary to think all those photos may be lost. :( I have Adam checking at walmart tomorrow and see if we can luck out on a good deal. Right now I am using our backup but it only holds about a 30 minute charge and it's a dinasour.

The Trio's first coats

It was a warmer day yesterday and Oaklen finished his homework in record time. We decided we would go for a walk and put the winter coats to use for the first time. I believe it was around 50 I did not need a coat because pushing around 70 lbs of babies up hill keeps me warm enough.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Addison is a climber like her brother Tyler, but she is getting more creative with what she climbs.

Tyler pushs Addison and Brock.

Some pictures

Playing with kitchen utensils.

The babies trying to figure out how Oaklen got in the box.

One minute he's happy the next not so happy.

The underwear saga continues

Apparently Oaken did not learn from me stringing up his undies to the front porch. I really thought it would do the trick. He got mad at me for putting the video on the blog but it must not have phased him much since he continues to leave them there. He has continued to leave them on the bathroom floor. So this morning I took them and put them in a tupperware bowl and submerged them in water. I put the bowl in the freezer and can't wait for him to get home. I'm going to tell him he has to put them on. :) Of course there will be no way he can put them on but I'll have fun watching him try to figure out how to thaw them out. Thanks Steve for the idea. I did take your idea a step farther by making them into a undie ice cube. :) Adam thinks he needs a good old fashion butt whoppen but I'm starting to have fun with being creative. I'm running out of ideas so any ideas from my readers?

The babies are doing fine. Tyler is saying bye bye and waving. Addison makes one noise for all communication. She just sort of points at what she wants and makes a noise best to be described as a "aahh". Brock is getting big and loves his food! He is standing on his own but still not walking. The other two can walk but prefer not to and only do it with bribes.

Adam and I spent 4 days away on a hunting trip with family. We did not get any deer but opening morning Papa, uncle Mark and uncle John all got bucks and made the local news. We had a great time. I think it was some much needed alone time for us. Hopefully Adam and I will have better luck this coming weekend as I would really like to get some deer meat in the freezer.

So something very strange happened to me today. I went onto my computer to post this message. I though I had but apparently someone else maybe a family member signed onto my computer. I'm not exactly sure how this happened but I posted this message onto someone elses blog. I was able to delete it but it really scared me for a second. It was a very pretty blog about weather with pictures of scenery and then here the last post was about underwear. Very strange.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Bottles in the cabinet...

That's right. We no longer have bottles as of yesterday. The babies are now on whole milk and sippy cups. They did a lot better than I had expected but we are still trying to figure out how to work all this. Normally they would drink a whole bottle in one sitting but now they only take half the sippy and I find myself offering them a sippy all day long. Yesterday afternoon when they did not want it at all I bribed them with some cheerios. They did in the end drink 3 full sippies of milk but it was with a lot of effort from me. I know to Pedi said I could back their milk intake down but I am having a hard time with it since they just seem like little beans to me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oaklen's Undies

Oaklen has got a bad habit of leaving his undies on the bathroom floor. I have done just about all I can think of to get him to remember to pick them up. Last time I hung them by string across the hallway and told him next time it would be the front porch. He looked at me with a very serious look and said "why would you do that to me?". Well apparently he thought I was joking because I strung up three days worth of underwear to the front porch. No I did not let my neighbors see them but what I did was set an alarm to two minutes before Oaklen comes home. I strung them up knowing he was on his way and I sat on the porch with my camera to wait. Below is his reaction on camera. He did not seem to take it as hard as I hoped so hopefully my plan will work and they will start finding their way to the laundry basket.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Addison's kissy face


I found two of my kids half dressed after their nap yesterday. This is the norm for Tyler but not Addison.

Addison really likes the sound of herself whining. She does it very often and knows how to use it. I am working on ignoring it so she does not think it is ok.

Note Addison in the background climbing a toy.