Monday, December 29, 2008

Our weekend

We had a nice weekend. We did lots of firsts. We travelled up to Dayton and took all foud kids to a resteraunt for the first time to meet Grandpa Steve for breakfast. Everyone behaved nicely and ate a ton. We then headed over to Granny and papa's house to visit some of Adam's family. Then headed to Versailles to visit the other side of Adam family. It was a nice day because even though we were running around we were not on a schedule of having to be anywhere by a certain time. For a lot of the family this was their first time to meet the trio. It was nice to see everyone.

Another first was all six of staying in a hotel room. Yes 6 in one hotel room with a full size bed. We got lucky and had a large room to fit the three pack and plays in and then Oaklen on a roll away. The babies slept through the night up to 5am when little miss decided she wanted to come to bed with mommy. She acts much more spoilled than the boys.

We again visited with Adam's family on Sunday for their Christmas party. At this point the babies were getting pretty tired and we needed to head out. We wish we had more time but we can only keep the babies calm for so long and we were pretty wore out ourselves. Oaklen road home with Grandma and grandpa and was about an hour behind us. Even though they left much later than we did we had to stop ten million times.

Oh the trio also split their first Mcdonalds hamburger. Bad Bad unhealthy food! They loved it!

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