Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trip to the mall

Toyota rented out the community room at the mall yesterday with discounts from certain stores. Adam and I packed up the trio to shop. Oaklen was with Grandma and Grandpa watching Brea play in the Velveteen Rabbit.

At the mall we barely made it in the store without comments which of course we expected. The mall was packed! I had a hard time monuvering the stroller around all the people so Adam had to push. Since they weigh close to 60 lbs plus the weight of the stroller it's getting hard for me to turn. Adam was immediatly overwhelmed with the amount of attention. We tried to make no eye contact and just keep moving. We were there for 2 hours before we even it made a purchase because we were stopped so many times. I had the net and signs on the stroller so the babies would not be touched but it did not stop people from putting their faces as close to the net as they could to peek in.

There is something about having triplets that everyone likes to talk. I got stopped by one guy who told me he had a nephew who was 11 months old. I of course smiled and said that was nice. He went on and on. I now know his nephew lives in Columbus, wieghs 30lbs, can walk, does not eat suger, his mommy is a nurse, they have a pond in their yard, and he has already put 1,000 in his college savings account. OH MY GOSH! I thought he would never end.

However dispite the entire night we were not asked one time if we watch John and Kate plus 8! Wow not one time! This is normally the first thing out of peoples mouths. I don't know why because I have multiples and they have multiples I would want to watch their show. I have my own kids yelling all the day why I would want to watch theirs yelling when I finally got my own in bed.

So needless to say the mall is now off limits for us!

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