Monday, August 31, 2009


kissy kissy

Water balloon fight for Nonni's Birthday. Happy Birthday Nonni!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Marci (Speech Therapist) came to visit the kids yesterday and brought them some playdoh. This was their first time to play with it and they loved it! I only had to tell them 2-3 times that it was not to eat. We are having a speech explosion over here. The kids are saying just about everything we tell them to say. Addison will copy me saying the whole alphabet. Next step is to get them to use the words. Now they only mimic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last year in elementary!

Oaklen became a fifth grader today. This will be his first year to have not only a male teacher but to have three teachers. He will be rotating classes getting ready for the change to middle. He was not excited to start school this year but I'm still hoping it ends up being a great year for him socially. I can not wait for him to get home and tell me all about it. I think the triplets and I will walk down to the bus stop to meet him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First night with toddler beds

Today we converted to toddler beds. I spent much time trying to make sure everything was cleared from their rooms so not to tempt them to get out of bed at 2am. The kids were so excited when they saw their beds. They each ran back and forth to each others checking it out. Not so happy about it when it was actually time for bed. I stayed in their room for 2 hours to make sure they were going to stay in bed. I wonder if they will now sleep in since they fought me for so long? Can I get lucky?

Tyler visits with Brock

Oh man am I not liking this stage. Although it's sweet that he is visiting his brother NONE OF THE BABIES ARE NAPPING! I am now camped out in their room waiting until they fall asleep instead of getting the house clean. As I sit here I can list off ten things that need to be done. This is when I normally get the lawn mowed, dishes put away, laundry done, floors mopped and so forth. This was the time I knew they were safe not getting into anything. I need a free housekeeper!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OH NO!!!!!

Uhhh grandpa Mike can you come help me make these into toddler beds? What am I going to do! How am I to keep them in their cribs? I've replaced them twice tonight!

Sorry for the quality of my film but it was off my cell phone.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last camping trip of the summer

We had a blast at beech fork with Oaklen and Addison. Everyone fell and got hurt some way or another (except me) but Addie got the worst of it. Poor girl busted her lip and chin falling out of a camping chair and then skinned her knees at the pool. Oaklen skinned his shin while trying to ride his bike over a bridge. He rode over the bridge all right then off the side of it into a ditch. Although he got hurt it was funny to watch. We had a lot of fun on our bike rides and enjoyed way too many smores. Addison learned a few new words while gone. Our favorite is she says "WHAT?!?!" while throwing her arms in the air. What a sassy little thing she is going to be.

Brock and Tyler stayed home with grandparents. Tyler learned how to say yee haw and gapes (grapes). They also got a little tykes shopping cart which has caused a few fights already. Oh the joy of new toys. In a few days they will learn to share it and it wont be such a big deal anymore.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A new place to hide toys

My little stinkers unzipped the couch cushions to hide toys in them . They then zipped them back up. If I had not caught them in the act I bet it would have been years before they were recovered.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First bike ride with Mommy

Each baby got a bike ride with mommy tonight although Adam only had time to take one picture. They all enjoyed it infact Brock screamed for 30 minutes when his turn was over. He wanted back on so bad but mommy was tired. It was a big workout to haul myself let alone the extra weight!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Billy Bob's

Sorry about the blurriness I was using someone else's camera. This was from our trip to Billy Bob's a few weeks ago.

The trio were very entertained from afar but did not want to be anywhere close to those big apes.

Oaklen gave us a show or his own.

Addie is the only one who lasted more than ten seconds on the horses.

For those of you who hate the crowd at Billy Bob's my mom rented out the whole thing. Just kidding go on a Friday at 10:00 we were the only ones there for a solid 2 hours!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Addie's tutu

These pictures are a little old. I found them hidden on my camera. Still good ones though!

Playing outside

Addison very excited about her flower until she realized it was a stinky one.

Collecting a bouquet of weeds.

Brocky poo's favorite is to swing. If you ask if he's having fun he says "weeeee".

Tyler was a bit of a loner today. He was going to opposite direction of everyone else.

Addison trying to tickle her arm pit with the weeds.

Tyler still prefers the baby swing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

21 months

Let's start in order of appearance. Tyler has an unlimited amount of energy which is why his name is mini man. He burns every calorie he takes in! I don't think the boy has gained more than a lb since his 1 year check up. No doubt he has his daddies stick legs! His favorite meal is PB and J. His big thing right now is knowing letters on a shirt. If your shirt something he wants to know what it says. Tyler is very needy right now. He wants to be held at all times or he whines and cries until someone does. He loves to snuggle.

Addison finding Waldo. We call her little mommy because she follows me around the house cleaning. She likes to wipe down the high chairs and appliances. Give her a baby wipe and she stays busy. Addison is a busy body and rather be left alone. She entertains herself as the boys more fight with each other. She wants nothing to do with them.

Grump on the trampoline.

Who said only girl accessorize?

The baby of the house. Brock remains to have his temper tantrums but has passed the others up on communication. Brock is bossy. If I tell someone to get down Brock screams at the top of his lungs "DOWN" or "NO NO" and points his finger. Brock loves wearing his sisters bracelets, purses and hats.
All babies are very much enjoying Elmo the movie. They enjoy their magnadoodle, and Oaklen's old car which you see Addison in above. Potty training has been put on hold as we have just been too busy running around to focus on it. Hopefully this fall when we are home more it will get done!