Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's going on with Oaklen?

My baby enjoyed spa night with the girls. He really got into it and wanted the face masks as well as the foot rub. He did refuse the make up though. Doesnt he have pretty face?
So this is what Oaklen is up to almost everyday. He has a ton of homework sometimes up till 8pm. Oaklen does not concentrate well in class so he brings it all home. He did get straight A's on his progress report. I feel bad when his friends come to the door and he can not go out to play. Hopefully he will outgrow this.

What's going on in Baby world?

We have started to work with spoons.

Everyone wanted a turn on the box.

Do you like the look on Adam's face. He is very annoyed with me for making a big deal of this day. This is Adam taking Tyler to the grocery store. This is the first time ever that one of the trio have left the house without me!
I may have been squeezing Addison a little bit with my legs to keep her in place. Haha She was trying to escape from the camera.
Addison got her first trim. So Aunt Donna can no longer make fun of her mullet.
Addison wearing Aunt Jessica's glasses.
Tyler played in this basket for about 30 minutes today! I'm going to have to bring it out more often.
Addison was mad she could not fit in it too.
This is Addison new hiding spot. She is found here many times a day. Sometimes she just opens it to sit down like a chair and others she closes herself in. I don't blame her if I had three bothers I think I'd hide too.
Oh where oh where can my baby girl be?
Oh where oh where might she be?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oaklen rode bikes with his friends today.
Brocky poo showing off his muscles.

Tyler is avoiding the camera today.
Brock was all about posing for mommy.
Addison thinks it's funny to run from mommy until she gets back into a corner.
Brock has the biggest cheeses.
Addison looked so sweet in her dress.
All four of my wonderful kids. Addie was doing the itsy bitsy spider.
This is how Brock rides this toy.
And this is how Tyler rides it.
Tyler running away from mommy.
Tyler is very proud he can say Baaa (ball)
Addie and daddy snuggling. She loves to have her back rubbed. Sorry forgot to take out the red eye.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Addison says Toyota

Addison can say mama, dada, papa, purpur(purple), nana (banana and nana), appoe(apple) and now Toyota. I can not wait tell her speech therapist who's husband also works for Toyota. Addison can sign eat, drink, more, ball and working on blocks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another hair cut!

This is the boys third hair cut already. It will probably be a very long time before Addie needs one.

The babies are watching Dora "the puppy next door". As soon as they let Dora out she yelps and the babies go running to watch her through the back door.

What does a day look like for us now?

Adam get's off work around 5am and is home in time to get Oaklen up and off to school while mommy sleeps in until 7(if I'm lucky 8). Adam get's the trio there first sippy cup of milk. I get woken up to little knocks on the door and by someone screaming "Mama". Then we all have play time in their room until around 8 when we head down to cook breakfast. I inhale some sort of quick breakfast while cooking eggs, pancakes or oatmeal for the babies. Adam usually heads to bed around 9am and I then I am on my own. The trio normally play with their toys while I clean up all three high chairs, load the dish washer, and start some laundry. We play and read books until 10 when we stop to get a snack. 10:30 is their nap time and my cleaning begins.

After cleaning, getting a quick 15 minutes in on my stationary bike and fixing lunch I get the babies up from nap. They eat and then play in their play area again while I start over on cleaning three high chairs and loading the dishwasher. If it's pretty we go and walk about 30 minutes if its ugly out I follow one kid around the house while they pull everything out of the cabinets. As I follow I put it back up to have another child close behind pulling it back out. We run circles for a good hour then settle down to play with the blocks, read more books,sing, anything I can think of to entertain them. 2:30 we get in the high chairs for a snack and 3 they are off for a cat nap while I cook dinner and eat. Oaklen gets home at 3 and starts on homework and eats dinner. (we eat this early because it's the only time we would get a fresh meal)

4pm get the babies up have snack ready in high chairs. If it's a pretty day we normally go on a 30 minute walk and then spend another 30 minutes in the yard playing. They love being outside and Brock throws a temper tantrum when we come back in. He stomps his feet and claps his hands while squeeling and crying. Daddy gets up around 5:15 and we see him about 30 minutes while he heats up and inhales his dinner then he runs out the door to work. When Adam leaves for work I get the babies in the high chairs for dinner followed by their baths and Pj's. Brush all their teeth and put them in bed by 7pm. Oaklen is normally finishing up his homework about this time. He normally hangs out with mommy on the couch while he reads books and I check email on a good night if I still have the energy we play board games. Oaklen heads off to bed around 9pm and I get two hours to myself before heading to bed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Addie has it too

She started running a fever and wheezing yesterday. I've been giving her tylenol and breathing treatments. They are all very fussy and want mommy ALL the time. I can't wait for the weekend when I can get some help from Adam. Last night while I was giving Addie a breathing treatment Tyler was hanging onto my legs and Brock threw up his meds. I was stuck with a kid on the counter a child holding me in place and Brock happily playing in bubbly gum pink vommit. I should add this was right after his bath and clean pj's. Luckily Oaklen was home to rescue me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Does this look like a boy with a double ear infection? See how he fooled me into thinking Tyler was worse off.

Tyler holding his blanky while taking his breathing treatment.

Playing with the mat

Daddy is a goober.

Brock copying daddy. Two goobers.

Bath time

My boys are sick

The smallest boys started to cough over the weekend. Yesterday Tyler started to wheeze so Grandma ran us up a humidifier and she stayed the night in case his breathing got too bad during the night I could run him to the ER if need be. Luckily the humidifier did seem to make a difference and other than coughing a little it was a pretty quiet night. Over the weekend they were waking up around 4am crying so it was nice to get a full nights sleep.

Took the boys to the Pedi today more worried about Tyler to find Brock has an ear infection in both ears. By this age Oaklen already had tubes in his ears so I think we have been lucky to make it this long without any. He is starting a 10 day dose of the same meds Oaklen is on for strep. It's bubbly gum flavored but Oaklen says it tastes like garbage. We'll see what Brock thinks.

Tyler is starting 4-5 days of albuterol treatments for the wheezing. Both boys are very fussy. Addison so far seems to be ok. Not sure how she will ever make it through without getting something and Adam and I are both feeling the burn in our chests.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling better and golfing

Oaklen was nice today and picked up the sticks from the neighbors yard and as his reward putted around in the back yard with Adam. It has been a very pretty weekend and all the kids had a good time playing in the backyard with Granny and Nana Doe who were in for the weekend.
Oaklen is feeling 100% this weekend however the other boys are now coughing. I'm hoping they can fight it off without visiting the doctor. Co-pays on all four kids gets to be a bit much. So far it's a cough and a little congestion. They are not acting too worn down.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oaklen has strep

Oaklen started a nasty cough over the weekend. We kept him upstairs quarintines from the rest of the house to avoid everyone getting sick. He spent the day watching TV and reading. Adam and I both looked at his throat and agreed it looked like strep. Monday morning Adam took Oaklen to my doctor who said it was not strep and as long as he was not running a fever he was not contagious. Which I knew was not true because RSV is contagious without fever and since Oaklen was coughing I decided to keep Oaklen quarintined just a bit longer. He went to school tuesday and is at school today. I just got a call from the doctors office who said they were wrong and it is strep and is contagious. So now I have a boy at school(because the doctor only said he needed to be out Monday) who does not feel well for a good reason. The doctor said once he gets home he needs the meds and to be home another day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our first Girl Scout Cookie

We got our cookie order in today. (Thanks Hannah) I thought a little bit of sugar would not make the kids anymore crabby or hyper than they already were today so why not a treat. I really did not think this would be a picture taking event because Brock ate his up with little mess. Then I looked over to Addison. And this is what I saw. The girl likes her cookies.

then Tyler

I had already gotten Brock down but this is pretty much what he looked like after his cookie. He was not going to waste one drop of chocolate on his face or hands. It all went in the mouth.