Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oaklen has strep

Oaklen started a nasty cough over the weekend. We kept him upstairs quarintines from the rest of the house to avoid everyone getting sick. He spent the day watching TV and reading. Adam and I both looked at his throat and agreed it looked like strep. Monday morning Adam took Oaklen to my doctor who said it was not strep and as long as he was not running a fever he was not contagious. Which I knew was not true because RSV is contagious without fever and since Oaklen was coughing I decided to keep Oaklen quarintined just a bit longer. He went to school tuesday and is at school today. I just got a call from the doctors office who said they were wrong and it is strep and is contagious. So now I have a boy at school(because the doctor only said he needed to be out Monday) who does not feel well for a good reason. The doctor said once he gets home he needs the meds and to be home another day.


Marcus Family said...

I hope Oaklen gets better soon, and that the triplets manage to avoid getting sick.

Megan said...

Poor guy, hope he feels better soon!