Monday, March 16, 2009

What does a day look like for us now?

Adam get's off work around 5am and is home in time to get Oaklen up and off to school while mommy sleeps in until 7(if I'm lucky 8). Adam get's the trio there first sippy cup of milk. I get woken up to little knocks on the door and by someone screaming "Mama". Then we all have play time in their room until around 8 when we head down to cook breakfast. I inhale some sort of quick breakfast while cooking eggs, pancakes or oatmeal for the babies. Adam usually heads to bed around 9am and I then I am on my own. The trio normally play with their toys while I clean up all three high chairs, load the dish washer, and start some laundry. We play and read books until 10 when we stop to get a snack. 10:30 is their nap time and my cleaning begins.

After cleaning, getting a quick 15 minutes in on my stationary bike and fixing lunch I get the babies up from nap. They eat and then play in their play area again while I start over on cleaning three high chairs and loading the dishwasher. If it's pretty we go and walk about 30 minutes if its ugly out I follow one kid around the house while they pull everything out of the cabinets. As I follow I put it back up to have another child close behind pulling it back out. We run circles for a good hour then settle down to play with the blocks, read more books,sing, anything I can think of to entertain them. 2:30 we get in the high chairs for a snack and 3 they are off for a cat nap while I cook dinner and eat. Oaklen gets home at 3 and starts on homework and eats dinner. (we eat this early because it's the only time we would get a fresh meal)

4pm get the babies up have snack ready in high chairs. If it's a pretty day we normally go on a 30 minute walk and then spend another 30 minutes in the yard playing. They love being outside and Brock throws a temper tantrum when we come back in. He stomps his feet and claps his hands while squeeling and crying. Daddy gets up around 5:15 and we see him about 30 minutes while he heats up and inhales his dinner then he runs out the door to work. When Adam leaves for work I get the babies in the high chairs for dinner followed by their baths and Pj's. Brush all their teeth and put them in bed by 7pm. Oaklen is normally finishing up his homework about this time. He normally hangs out with mommy on the couch while he reads books and I check email on a good night if I still have the energy we play board games. Oaklen heads off to bed around 9pm and I get two hours to myself before heading to bed.

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