Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My boys are sick

The smallest boys started to cough over the weekend. Yesterday Tyler started to wheeze so Grandma ran us up a humidifier and she stayed the night in case his breathing got too bad during the night I could run him to the ER if need be. Luckily the humidifier did seem to make a difference and other than coughing a little it was a pretty quiet night. Over the weekend they were waking up around 4am crying so it was nice to get a full nights sleep.

Took the boys to the Pedi today more worried about Tyler to find Brock has an ear infection in both ears. By this age Oaklen already had tubes in his ears so I think we have been lucky to make it this long without any. He is starting a 10 day dose of the same meds Oaklen is on for strep. It's bubbly gum flavored but Oaklen says it tastes like garbage. We'll see what Brock thinks.

Tyler is starting 4-5 days of albuterol treatments for the wheezing. Both boys are very fussy. Addison so far seems to be ok. Not sure how she will ever make it through without getting something and Adam and I are both feeling the burn in our chests.

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Lucco Girls said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. It's no fun being sick!!!