Monday, June 29, 2009

We miss you Oaklen

Oaklen and Popo

Oaklen left for Texas yesterday and arrived safely. We woke up this morning and his brothers and sister kept calling for him so we called on speaker phone. They enjoyed it. We miss you so much Oaklen and hope you are having fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I appologize for the lack of posts

I have been very sick. To give you the short version my kidneys were having a hard time and causing me to get dehydrated. As of my blood work yesterday things are looking up and should have a full recovery in the next week or so. I feel a lot better and am finaly up and moving around. I would like to thank all the family who came in and took care of the kids. Also my wonderful husband who has had a major lack of sleep this week taking care of me.

It feels as though our summer has not yet started since we have all been sick. So not much to report. Oaklen has made a new friend down the road and he is with him just about every day for hours and hours at a time. I'm glad that he is still having fun since we have not been in the shape to take him many places. As of now 10:30 the boy is still in bed.

This morning after getting the babies down from their high chairs I caught them eating out of the cereal box! Sneaky babies! They all wanted to sit at the big boy/girl table for some kix.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Addison has polka dots

She woke up with them head to toe. They are light in color and seem to be fading but staying on her hands and feet. The pedi said she thinks it is more than likely she is allergic to the antibiotic she has been on for the past 9 days however since they seem to be mostly on her hands and feet she is not ruling out echo virus.

She told Adam echo virus could be contracted through the public such as a grocery store. Addison has been home mostly since becoming sick and the pedi mentioned maybe it passed by someone giving her some food with their hands who may have been in the public before coming over. More than likely this is not the case since Addison shares a spoon with her brothers who are fine.

They called her in a new antibiotic even though she only had one day to go on the old one. She still has an ear infections which leads me to believe we will be back at the doctor next week for the boys. They still seem just as sick as she is. Co-pays are not fun when you pay them and have to return two weeks later to pay them again! Or you take 10 days of antibiotic that you paid for only to find it did not work and you have to pay for another. I'm a tad bit frustrated that we are all not feeling better yet!

Adam and I are both still on antibiotic also and seem to be feeling better very gradually. Oaklen must have some type of immunity to this bug because hes still healthy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures by Debbie

My posts are a little out of order, but this was a few weekend ago when we went to Cincinnati to see my aunts. My aunt Karen was in visiting from Mississippi and this was her first time to see the triplets.

Our attempt at a family photo.

Addison sooo tired from missing her nap.

Brock playing with his beads.

Brock telling my aunt Jody all about the choo choo. He's signing choo choo in this photo after hearing a loud noise that assumed was a choo choo. They also sign choo choo at anything long such as a semi.

My mom and her sisters.

How much fun that my aunt Jody has toys! They loved going through them!

And a Tyler size chair!

Brock is apparently allergic to cats. His eyes got red and swollen just like mommies do when she touches a cat. Although he loves kitty cats and signs it while barking at them. Haha. I talked to the Pedi and she said it was a hereditary allergy. I never knew there was such a thing!

The Rose Garden

Grandma and grandpa bought us these handy harnesses for the babies. Problem with Tyler is that even though he loves it he wants to hold his own leash. Hopefully this will come in handy soon and all babies will get use to them. Pushing the triplet stroller around is getting more and more difficult to maneuver. Plus they enjoy walking much more than the stroller.

My aunt Debbie came to town and I thought it would be neat for her to see some of the different places around this area so we took her to the rose garden. Here are a few of the better roses I took pictures of. The thing about the rose garden is I can never catch it at the right time. Seems that half the roses have already bloomed and died.

This is how packed our van is whenever we go anywhere.

This is the playground at the park. Addison was running very fast and then fell in a hole in the picture below.

These are drums in the park. They are metal and each is a different size making a different sound.

Oaklen chasing Brock

Daddy and Ty playing peek a boo

Brock in the hammock

Oaklen playing

Brock playing on the bench

Addie trying to figure out how Tyler got down.

Tyler trying to figure out how to get down. Walk?

Scoot on butt?

Turn around and go down on tummy?......YES


Hey it's bob the builder! My mom bought a whole bunch of hats from a yard sale and cleaned them up for us. The kids have had fun playing with them however they do not like to wear them they just want to put them on everyone else.

Tyler showing off his pearly whites

Brocky poo

Baby girl

5 Generations again!

We travelled to Dayton a few weekends ago to celebrate Adam's brother Chase's graduation from high school. He will be attending Ohio State in the fall! We are proud of you Chase!

We were lucky to get to see Nana Bea who travelled down from Indiana to also celebrate with Chase. We like to grab these "5 generations pictures" every chance we get.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's never going to end!

We are still sick. The trio have been on an antibiotic since Wednesday. They are still snotty and crying and clingy. Tyler's eye looks much much better. You can barely see the busted blood vessels. All are running clear which is a good sign. I however have had no voice since Saturday. It's hard to get the kids to take me seriously when I am whispering to them. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hope to get an antibiotic to clear this up. One more day like this and I will have to ask Adam to call into work to take care of all of us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

To my wonderful husband

Thank you for sharing the past 5 years with me. I love you! Happy Anniversary.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update on the sickness

Wanted to post a quick update on my babies. Tyler was a mess last night and I rocked him to sleep. His eye was almost swollen shut when he woke up. I chose not to use the meds the doctor gave me because that seemed to be when the swelling kicked in. After wiping his eye down with a warm wash cloth his eye started to look better. He was able to see out of it within about two hours. It has remained red and looks like he has a busted blood vessel in his eye. All three babies began to play some today which is always a good sign. Less snotty. Addison I'd say is about 85%, Brock 70% and Tyler 60%. It's amazing how antibiotics can work so fast!

Oaklen remains healthy and IS A 5TH GRADER! Go Oaklen!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My poor babies are sick!

So I left my camera in Dayton over the weekend. I'm waiting to get it in the mail. This photo was taken off my cell phone so please ignore the quality.

My babies are so so sick. I feel awful for them. Adam brought a bug home from work and it spread through the house fast. Oaklen however has remained well? What's his secret? Anywhoo Addison has an ear infection in the right ear along with more snot than her head can hold. Brock and Tyler both have double ear infections along with the snots. Tyler has an eye infection in both eyes as you can see in the picture above. It is not pink eye. It is the strangest eye infection I have ever seen. It's like his eyes are making just as many green boogers as his nose. They are swelling and matting shut. Am I making your stomach turn yet? Well let me go on.....Brock got himself so worked up today that he puked in my hand. Oh the reflexes us mothers get when we try to save the carpet and contaminate ourselves instead. While all this has gone on I myself have not been feeling up to par. I am feeling better today. I've found if Adam comes in 30 minutes before I wake up in the morning and make me take some meds when I wake up I feel better. Adam has slept all week but seems to be feeling better today.