Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Pictures

Brock does not like hoods.

Tyler likes the swing set.

Addison telling Daddy she wants to meet the puppy.

Tyler playing ball.

Addie meeting the neighbors new puppy. She was all about the dog until they were up close and then she clammed up and cried.
Brock loved the puppy!

Puppy playing with daddy.

Adam holding Oaklen up by his feet. I like this photo because you can see if you stretch Oaklen all the way out he's the same size as Adam.
Oaklen trying to pick Adam up by his feet. Haha.

Daddy ready books before bedtime.

Addison's first piggies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What a mess!

Play? Who wants to play? We want to destroy!

Tyler balancing a cookie cutter.

Addie helping daddy tighten the table.
Tyler snuggles his bubby.

Addisons a rock star.

I've had a very busy week. Yesterday I had two appointments out of town, stopped at target, got my hair cut, came home in time to cook dinner, and then got the kids to bed. So it was no wonder I forgot today was Oaklen picture day at school. I had it on the calendar but did not even have time to look at the calendar. Infact if you were to even ask me what day of the week it was I would have had no clue. After Oaklen was off to school I realized I had forgotten. Adam said oh no he went to school in a red shirt but not dressed up at all. I though ok well it can't be too bad. IT WAS THAT BAD. When he came home he was not in a red t-shirt he was in a blue t-shirt that said "Pull my finger". FOR PICTURE DAY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Addison Videos

She was being stingy with her valentines kisses but I finally got one.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines day!

I wanted to share a picture of the babies last year......and then this year.

The kids had a blast with the giant bear. Addison loved sitting on his lap!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Outside once again

We were very excited to get outside and play today! Here are a few pictures of the kids playing in the front yard. I was very impressed with Tyler because he is able to catch the football from a short distance. He's going to be my little athlete. Sorry only one of Brock he has been avoiding the camera and refuses to look when I call his name. I think he's had about enough with the camera. Oaklen did not get to play with us today as he had a lot of homework. Stinks he get's so much on a pretty day.

Brock is my little chunky monkey. He's really been packing it on lately. I expect him to shoot up a few inches very soon.
This is how I have been finding Addison the last couple of days.
Addison says "You talkin to me?"

Addison rearranging the high chairs.

All high chairs started of against the wall.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oaklen's report card

Oaklen got his report card and I am happy to say he got 10 A's and 1 B. Of course I expected nothing less from him because he is so smart. You would think someone who hates school as Oaklen does would not pull off such excellent grades. He was very bummed when he had to return back after a week off. I think he was really counting on the snow storm that ended up not happening last night. Poor guy rather stick around with his mommy than go to school.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here are some random pictures I have been meaning to share.

Yes I can still fit all three on my lap. If I'm reading they will all sit there up to 15 minutes. Tyler is normally the one in the middle because the other two do not like to be squished.

This was the first set up at my parents house for the kids. They are not child proofed so they spent most of their time in "Toy Town" We eventually got some blankets and set it up in the living room.

Tyler loved snuggling his Pawpaw

Nonni is so silly she made all the babies kangaroos.

Addison's crazy hair after bath.
This is what all the pictures look like that I took of the kids playing with the flashlights.
All three boys got their hair cuts this morning.