Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Pictures

Brock does not like hoods.

Tyler likes the swing set.

Addison telling Daddy she wants to meet the puppy.

Tyler playing ball.

Addie meeting the neighbors new puppy. She was all about the dog until they were up close and then she clammed up and cried.
Brock loved the puppy!

Puppy playing with daddy.

Adam holding Oaklen up by his feet. I like this photo because you can see if you stretch Oaklen all the way out he's the same size as Adam.
Oaklen trying to pick Adam up by his feet. Haha.

Daddy ready books before bedtime.

Addison's first piggies.

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Amanda Singletary said...

I absolutely love the banner pictures. (hear no evil..) So cute! How did you get them to take those pictures? I hope that you have this framed on your wall. So cute, seriously! Love it.