Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The blog and it's purpose

I know sometimes weeks go by without a post from me. I remember back when the trio were little and I was able to post every few days. The mile stones start to slow down so just not much to post on as often. I've thought of quitting the blog but then look back on all that I have posted that I may have forgotten otherwise. So even though I don't have much to say I'm sure down the road when I start to forget the little things I will be glad I kept it going. I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago to keep everyone up to date on the babies and over the years it's just kind of turned into my own personal baby book. So on that note, I would like to write something to each of my babies so that years down the road they may look back on this blog as well.

Tyler, my mini man. I call you my mini man because somewhere around the age of 1 you just seemed to have stopped growing. I wonder if down the road you will surprise us all and shoot up past the rest of us. Your so small that even in the smallest size underwear you have major droopy butt. You like to lay around on the couch for long periods at a time and watch tv. I say long periods of time but mean for a 2 year old as compared to your brother and sister. You are a big snuggler right now and very much a daddy's boy. You want to be held at all times and I have to hide in the kitchen to get away otherwise I would get nothing else done all day long. You are very easy going with your brother and sister and rarely stand your ground for a toy. If it makes someone else happy you are happy to hand it over.

Addison, you are so girly. When I try to put your hair in a ponytail you get mad and say "two pretties" meaning you want pigtails everyday. You love your purses, bracelets, chap stick and hats. You are very independent right now and refuse to let anyone dress you, even if it means you have to try it three times to get your shirt on the right way. You by far are the easiest to potty train. You get mad when I put you in a diaper for nap time, but I am sorry I just don't trust you yet. :) Stubborn would be a good word for you. When you get in trouble and are told to do something you can stare someone down for a good 3 minutes before bursting into tears about it. You so far look to be the athlete of the family. You can knock a ball off the tee pretty far and although you do everything else right handed you bat left handed. Your voice is very girly and high pitched. Being the mother of 3 boys you are very refreshing and love watching you grow.

Brock, bless your heart. I can't understand a word you are saying now adays. Your tonsils are so swollen you are having a hard time breathing, eating, talking and you snore like a man at night. Some nights it seems worse than others and I end up bringing you to bed with me because it breaks my heart. Soon though honey they will be coming out. I'm hoping at that point you will get some much needed relief and your appetite will return. You are mommy's snuggler right now and love to give hugs. Your hugs are the best. You grab ahold and really squeeze. You have some major temper tantrums but in the middle if I ask if you want a hug you stop and come give me a hug.

Trio, you all like to be rocked and sang to. You ask "rocka baby" and sing it with me as I rock you. You love to play outdoors and can climb things I'm not sure if I could climb myself. Your favorite food is mandarin oranges. There is not many things I can get you all three to eat but that's the best bet along with grill cheese. Brock and Addison, you have clashing personalities and strong willed. You two tend to fight a lot. Addison and Tyler, you two seem to buddy up and stick up for each other. Brock, I think this may be where some of your temper tantrums come into play and you get tired of competing with them, but it's ok cause your momma's boy and you can buddy up with me.

Oaklen, boy are you hitting the teen years early! You are starting to talk back and look more like a little man. Stop that! :) You are almost done with the 5th grade and will be starting middle school next year. It makes me nervous as I feel like I am starting a new school right along with you. You've had a tough couple of year but seem to really becoming out of your shell. You have made some good friends around the house and want to play with them all the time. It seems you are spending less and less time at home. I'm happy to see you have fun and do what boys your age do. You are growing out of my cute little boy and into a very handsome big boy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day one potty training done!

We did half a day of potty training today with the help of Nana Doe and Granny. What a chore it was! I've been putting this off because it is so much easier to change a diaper than to take a kid to the potty 10 times and hour. Right now it seems to be a novelty. They want to go every 5 minutes and put a sticker on the chart. We had only one accident. As you can see by the stock of 60 pairs of underwear we were expecting a lot more messes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Camping with O and T at Beech fork

What are you lookin at?

I know it's hard to see but if you look down by Ty's knee he caught his first fish with Mommy's help.
Oaklen caught the first fish of the day. I believe these are crappie? Of course Adam had to take the fish off for us. I'll put the worm on but I will not touch a live fish.
Oaklen and Adam are riding bikes in the lake that normally has water.