Friday, February 12, 2010

You never know how these kids will wake up!

We woke up to find Brock wearing Addison's shirt as pants.

We found Addie had some major major bedhead!

But she was in a great mood dancing around the house.

Some actions shots

Lots of hugs lead to wrestling

I love mornings like this!

Ring around the rosey

And they all fall down.....except Addie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A few snaps from today

This is where my trio sleep every night. I put them to bed in their own beds and as soon as I leave the room they make themselves a bed beside each other. Maybe buying a queen mattress would have been a better investment?

This is why we always seem to have bumps and bruises in this house. Monkeys! Brock was just sitting there watching TV and yes we are still having a nude phase.

Fun with stickers

So it starts out with Oaklen being number 1 then moves into

Oaklen wanting a mustache...then Brock with eye brows

Then all of a sudden everyone has the hang of it

and ends with a bunch of torn stickers stuck all over my house :)