Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My little puffer fish

I asked Brock today if he was my chipmunk and he said "no" so I asked if he was my blow fish and again he said "no" but when I after if he was my puffer fish he said "yes". So here is what Brock's face looked like this morning. It's hard to tell the left side is even swollen since the right is so large but both sides were very big. This evening it does look like the swelling has gone down. Especially in the neck area. I'm hoping he wakes up tomorrow good as new.

When Oaklen got home from school he asked "Wow how did Brock get so fat so fast?"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brock's Surgery

Brock's surgery went well. The doctor said both the tonsils and adenoid were huge. Brock had hard time waking up afterwards (4 hours to wake up), but when he was alert he was being himself and eating. We spent the night at the hospital and had a little set back when he got sick this morning but were released at 12:30. he woke up from a nap today swollen on his left side and I called the doctor on call who did not return my call but since he was acting fine I let it go. I went to wake him up for pain meds a bit ago and saw the other side has swelled up and called the doctor on call again who called back and said as long as the swelling does not hit his airway it should be fine. Brock and I are headed to bed now. If he's still swollen in the morning maybe I will add some more pictures of mommies little chipmunk.

The photo below is before surgery again I am have gotten them out of order.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I've got my pictures a bit backwards here but the trio helped me make rice krispy treats today. They are stirring food color into it.

The kids had fun painting these popsicle sticks frames and I used these pictures to put in them.

The end result :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Say a prayer for my baby...

This Monday my baby boy will finally be getting the relief he needs. As you can see from above his tonsils are so swollen he is having a hard time eating, breathing and talking. We tried weeks of antibiotics with no response. The tonsils and Adenoids will be coming out. Due to his age they will be keeping him 23 hours. I'll post an update on him when we return home on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Addison just about has her ABC's down

I know Tyler has a blue mouth, he was eating his bath crayon and had a hysterical fit once he forced it down the drain and realized it was not coming back.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This video is very low quality as it came off my phone. However it is funny. It's from last summer and I just got the right equipment to transfer it to computer.

Bike ride

Let me start by saying WOW what a workout. This was my first attempt at riding the trio around the neighborhood. I only made it about 20 minutes before I could just not go any farther. After riding down the street twice and coming back up that little bitty hill I decided to spend 15 minutes just riding the culdasac. The kids loved it although they boys were very very quiet the whole time. I had to keep asking Addison to turn around and make sure the boys were still there...haha. I tried to get Oaklen to ride with us but after snapping a few photo's he ran off the play with his friends. Sorry about the photo quality this was taken with my old camera.

Blowing bubbles

As you can tell by the easter eggs these are old photos.

Tyler puts his whole mouth on the wand. If I get him to say bubbles afterwards bubbles come flying out of his mouth.
Addison does the spit blowing type thing where he lips vibrate.
Brock well most of the time Brock is spilling all the bubble contents out and crying for more.

Addison's confusion

For mother's day this picture was given to my mom in a nice frame. Addison was sitting with Nonni when she opened it Addison said "Two Donna's". These are my twin sisters and it boggles me that Addie has not yet figured out they are two seperate people. When Oaklen was very little he could tell them apart with no problem. I think they looked more alike when they were younger as well. They have made it a game to give Addison a hard time now and ask her at every visit "Who am I?" Poor Addison she just stares at them now afraid to get the wrong answer.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tyler's appetite and imagination

My itty bitty boy who has not gained a lb in a year has grown quite the appetite. I want to relay a conversation we had today.
Tyer "I want cake mommy"
Mommy "I don't have any cake"
Tyler "I want more chocolate"
Mommy " Me too!"
Tyler "want ice cream mommy"
Mommy "no ice cream"
Tyler " I want cookies in my mouth, on my tongue mommy"
This went on for a very long time as Tyler went through the list of pudding, pancakes, pizza, peas, applesauce, crackers, hambuders (hamburgers)and finally crackers. After telling Tyler he had just had lunch he told me "I'll make it mommy" he ran to his play kitchen pulled out a few pans and put his hands up to his mouth and started making noises you would hear cookie monster make. As you can tell by the way he rambled off all the sweets first he definitely takes after his mommy even if he looks identical to his daddy.