Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brock's Surgery

Brock's surgery went well. The doctor said both the tonsils and adenoid were huge. Brock had hard time waking up afterwards (4 hours to wake up), but when he was alert he was being himself and eating. We spent the night at the hospital and had a little set back when he got sick this morning but were released at 12:30. he woke up from a nap today swollen on his left side and I called the doctor on call who did not return my call but since he was acting fine I let it go. I went to wake him up for pain meds a bit ago and saw the other side has swelled up and called the doctor on call again who called back and said as long as the swelling does not hit his airway it should be fine. Brock and I are headed to bed now. If he's still swollen in the morning maybe I will add some more pictures of mommies little chipmunk.

The photo below is before surgery again I am have gotten them out of order.

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Jessica said...

What a cutie, glad surgery is over with and hope his swelling goes down soon. Parker and Sawyer both have the shirt Brock is wearing!