Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tyler's appetite and imagination

My itty bitty boy who has not gained a lb in a year has grown quite the appetite. I want to relay a conversation we had today.
Tyer "I want cake mommy"
Mommy "I don't have any cake"
Tyler "I want more chocolate"
Mommy " Me too!"
Tyler "want ice cream mommy"
Mommy "no ice cream"
Tyler " I want cookies in my mouth, on my tongue mommy"
This went on for a very long time as Tyler went through the list of pudding, pancakes, pizza, peas, applesauce, crackers, hambuders (hamburgers)and finally crackers. After telling Tyler he had just had lunch he told me "I'll make it mommy" he ran to his play kitchen pulled out a few pans and put his hands up to his mouth and started making noises you would hear cookie monster make. As you can tell by the way he rambled off all the sweets first he definitely takes after his mommy even if he looks identical to his daddy.

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