Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oaklen's drawings

Oaklen is struggling to pass the 5th grade. We have been cleaning out his locker and below is what we found. Apparently he draws ALL day and has no paper left for school work. Although I must admit the boy has talent and a wonderful imagination.


Toyota Easter Party

Brockdid not enjoy the jumping.

Addison loved it!

Oaklen enjoyed it too.

All three lined up for the slide

Tyler loving the whale.

Due to rain the egg hunt was help in doors.

they hid eggs under cups and napkins.

Addie has a monkey

Monkey being made looks like....
Brock has an elephant
T for Tiger and Tyler
Daddy and his youngest boys

My sport stars

Finger painting

Addison's photoshoot by mommy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oaklen in the art fair

Oaklen won third place in his school art fair. This picture is taken at the county art fair where he was submitted for winning at school. Oaklen's teacher told me she found this drawing at the bottom of his locker and she took it out and submitted it. I've seen him draw a lot better than this but I like how he thought to put this drawing in action. With the leg raised like he is running/walking and the hand out pointing.

Ice cream as a treat afterwards.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My little potato heads

Brocky goes to the dentist

I really wish I had taken my camera to the dentist. We were there so long we could have fit in a whole photo shoot. It took 45 minutes for the dentist to come in after his cleaning and by that time the dentist laughed because Brock had chewed the bristles just about off the tooth brush they gave him. It was past lunch time. :) You all know how Brock is about his food.

Fun at the playground