Thursday, March 4, 2010

First day of daycare

Today the kids went to their first day of daycare. I'm sorry I have no pictures of them there. I took some with my phone but have not figured out how to transfer them over. Below are pics of everything I packed up and sent with them.

They did wonderful. Adam and I dropped them off and then snuck out fairly quickly. We peeked in the window to see them all sitting at the breakfast table eating and staring at all the kids around them. I cried as soon as I made it to the van. Adam called an hour later and they said they had been playing just fine. I called again two hours later (haha) and all three were napping. When I picked them up this afternoon they were playing and happy to see me.

I enjoyed the day to run around and get things done outside of the house. I cleaned house in the morning ran some errands, grabbed lunch with a friend and went to mom's house for a bit. It was so nice to have some adult interaction and I look forward to my day off next week.

6 changes of clothes, 3 blankets, 3 pillows, 3 pillow cases, 3 sippy cups, diapers, cream and wipes all for one day a week. :)

I made these pillow cases for the kids to keep their nap stuff in.

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