Friday, May 30, 2008

Free Stuff!

Brock loves frozen bananas and they are great for teething!

I love getting free stuff! Having triplets helps in getting lots of stuff free. I sent off for tons of things by adding the babies birth certificate to a letter. Most companies have a multiples program just to send us free things! So far I have gotten coupons for free packages of diapers, coupons for around 72 free gerber jars, and Carters sent very cute pj's and 5 pack of onsies. I also had ben going onto the walmart and krogers sites to sign up for the free food samples they send in the mail. This may seem like small things but like I said I love free stuff. Plus usually the samples are for new items so I get to taste them before buying them. My friend Christy sent me this great blog and what it does is combine the walmart and krogers sites so I no longer have to travel around the net looking for them. Go look at the site it's great also will tell you how to use your coupons to get free items and has sweepstakes. Thanks for the great site Christy!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

7 Months today!

Addison started squeeling really loud today! She has learned how to use her vocal cords in a ear piercing way! She thinks she's hot stuff. She yelled at the garbage truck which we are happy with because they have not been doing their job. She also yelled at Brock for running into her with his walker. She's going to be bossy. Brock is my little thumb sucking snuggle bug. He reminds me so much of Oaklen. Not just his looks but how snuggly and sweet he is. Brock has the lightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Tyler is my flirt. He gives everyone the eyes and his daddys smile. He resembles Adam so much it's scary.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Addison is off her monitor

Addison smiles. All three pictures by Aunt Debbie.

This is my new favorite picture! Oaklen loves his little sister.

We are saying good bye to our last monitor. The boys got off theirs months and months ago while Addison was not ready. She was tested last week and we got the results back faster than expected. They say she is good to go. I have to admit I'm a little sad. These monitors gave me peace of mind through the nights. These monitors watched my babies while I was not always their to keep an eye on them every second of the day. However give Addison a little "YAY" because she has outgrown apnea due to prematurity. Addison will now be able to wear clothes with zippers! She will no longer be tied down by wires or have to tote around that big box.

5 Generations

The 5 Generations. Haha and not one of them looking at the camera. Brock is refusing to look at anything.

Not often we get the three of us all in a picture. We are normally the ones taking the picture.
Brock looking confused as usual. Picture by Aunt Debbie.
Tyler playing on the floor. Picture by Debbie.
Tyler getting sleepy. Picture by Debbie.

It has been a very busy weekend. We started out with having my Aunt Debbie up to visit. She caught some awesome pictures of the kiddos. We played a lot of cards which we always do. It's always so much fun we do not get to do it enough. Thanks for visiting us Debbie!

After Oaklen attended Jacks(our neighbor) Birthday Party we headed out of town to visit Nana Doe in Dayton. It was a very long trip. It normally take us about 3 hour to get their but with the four kids and Adam stopping the entire way it took us 5 1/2 hours! We also got lost. Sunday we packed up and went to a family reunion where we got to get the five generations together! The trio met their great great grandma Nana Bea. The babies did very well being passed around to everyone. Oaklen had a blast playing games. We then travelled 7 hours home. Boy were we all tired. We got back home at 10:30 pm after stopping the entire way to try and calm the babies down. They were just exhausted and off their normal schedule. However it was a very nice trip to get to see everyone and show off the new additions.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hoping Addie gets off her monitor

Last night we hooked Addie up for 12 hours to her special monitor to see if she is ready to come off of it. I'm really hoping she is. According to our rental place the doctors are now saying that by 3 month adjusted if a child is still having problems it may be caused by a heart issue. Addison has not been tested since she was around 1 month adjusted and is now 5 months adjusted. She does have some alarms here and there but we are wondering if they may be a false reading. The machine may not be picking up on her really shallow breathing. She tends to have alarms when she is exhausted from either having company over or taking her somewhere. This may be causing the shallow breathing because she is just so tired she hits a deep sleep. I just wanted to keep everyone posted we should have results back within 2 weeks. We are very optimistic about this as we see no other signs that their may be a heart problem.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oaklens D-hall

Many of you know Oaklen started a new school this year. We have not been impressed to say the least. Although Oaklen does get good grades it seems the school knit picks just a bit. Oaklen got D-hall a few weeks ago for sitting in a squatting position on a bench. When the note was sent home the teacher had spelled squating instead of squatting. This note ,was from the music teacher sent to his home room teacher and forwarded on to the principal before coming home to us. Now everyone knows I can not spell worth a hoot however it may be teacher like this that caused my spelling problems. Haha. So three teachers read this and sent it home to me this way. Well we laughed about it and I was letting it slide. I signed the d-hall slip and told Oaklen it really was not that big of deal. When he is sent home for fighting or disobeying then that is a different story. That should have been the end of it. So I thought. Adam thought it necessary to correct the teacher and add a note on asking for more information. He did not sign his name and since I signed the d-hall his teacher thinks I was the smart you know what.

So the next note sent home is typed. I'm guessing so she could use spell check however spell check does not catch the grammar errors. I have to admit it was a polite note home. Very direct and to the point. However I'm going to pick a little here too. She says "However, if you feel it necessary to Oaklen to be allowed to sit in this position, please arrange a meeting with Mr. Hurley and me." Next problem is while apologizing for the spelling errors she puts "Sometimes my brain and hand doesn't always work together." I'm half tempted to ask Oaklen to get his red pen out and correct these sentences himself. Yes I know I am not being nice. I am picking on the poor teacher but this story does have a good ending so I will continue. In her note she tells us how d-hall was not meant as a punishment but rather a time to reflect on why it is not a good idea to sit in this position. So instead of playing with his friends at recess he gets the awesome privilege of sitting in class writing the note below. Adam and I got a kick out of his note.

Dear Mrs. Lee, I know why we must sit like normal people:

Step 1 If we don't sit normal we could fall and be parilized forever.
Step 2 Also, we'd hit our heads on the ground and that would hurt a thousand times.
Step3 And last of all, if we don't sit normal, we'd probably fall and break our arms and legs.

I am very sorry. I didnt know what I was thinking. I'll never do it again

From Oaklen

We just thought his note back was cute.

I must not be a normal person because you will catch me sitting at the dinner table indian style. 28 years and I have not fallen out of my chair.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oaklen had a rough day today. First we started with all four kids at the doctors office for check ups. Oaklen had to get a shot and had not had one in years. When the nurse went to give it he jerked his arm and it caused a nasty bruise. It's not as easy to hold down a 65lbs boy as it is to hold the down the babies. Oaklen cried then when it was the babies turn he cried harder then started laughing. I think he was crying for the babies but did not want us to know because he was crying and laughing at the same time. Oaklen then took a face plant in the street while playing in the dead end on his scooter. He was wearing his helmet. Adam said it was a good thing because he saw it and it looked like a rough tumble. His face is a little scratched up but nothing that looks bad enough to cause any long term damage other than his ego. He was with two friends and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

The video below was too cute to not post. Please ignore the fact that I said soldier two times when I should have said shoulder. I was having a tough time concentrating on bouncing,singing, and recording.

Tyler likes his water outside the tub.

Another graduate! Brock holds his own bottle.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream

I'm having so much fun making them shirts. I've gone through every blank onsie in the house.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First time taking a bath together. Probably last time for awhile. They were not happy. Both boys are holding onto each other in fear. They burst into tears after this picture and I had to sing the itsy bity spider to get the to calm down. They also sat their shivering because the water was not very high. I am back to bathing them in the sink. I hope they get over this because these seats (compliments of Nana Doe) will be perfect for a baby pool when it get's a little warmer.

Funny how they always reach out for each other. They are very close. Not only do I know their cries but they know each others. Brock is afraid of everything and when he cries his scared cry they all cry. However if one is crying because they are tired or done with nap the others ignore it. Yesterday Addison hit her head twice. Once she slammed it into a toy on the exersaucer. Then a little later she was doing tummy time and slammed her head on the floor. When she cried Tyler cried for her immediatly. I have such sweet babies.

This is what I got for Mother's day. I asked for it and I ate it all...well I shared a little. I love ice cream cakes.

Oaklen got all A's and B's on his last progress report. So proud of him. Last weekend we had company over and Oaklen got to play with their son. I took two hours to fill water balloons only to have them all popped within 5 minutes. They boys had a blast though. We also rented movies and played clue.

I took Tyler to the doctor today for his follow up on his hernias. He looked good. They again said he did not look to have a hernia other than his belly button hernia which will heal in time. So glad we got to avoid surgery. I did not want my little guy to have to go through that. So strange leaving the house with only one child. He was very well behaved, but then again they all are most of time.

I am trying to get my house ready for a yard sale. I have so much stuff collected over the years not to mention all the baby clothes we have already grown out of. Oaklen is being a yard sale snoot. When I told him I was getting rid of his old clothes he said "Eww I wore those". The boy does not wear hand me downs. Thanks (Nana Bodine) for spoiling my son. : )

Adam is looking for a new (used) motorcycle. Gas prices are awful. The bike will pay for itself for the amount we will save on gas. He's been working a lot and plans on working the weekend also.

Oaklen and I have been sick for weeks. We have a cough that will not end. Oaklen was on a breathing treatment for it. My doctor put me on Advair and after that did not work an anibiotic which obviously has not worked. We are trying to stick it out now. Oaklen sounds much better than I do. I'm guessing because I have asthma. Everyone else in the hosue has been fine.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tyler holds his own bottle video

This is a short video. Tyler started holding his own bottle today. he gets tired of holding it up on his own but does just fine for a few minutes. Now I need to start working with the next one which I think will be Addison. Brock does not seem interested yet.