Friday, August 29, 2008

10 Months and 100 posts!

They love being outside. Do you think this is my sign they were ready to go out?
Brock playing the drums.
Brock at the park looks like a single stroller from this view.
Tyler eating a leaf.
Addison playing with a leaf.

Little red riding Brock.
Tyler loved his little house!
This is how he got in and out...
before figuring out....
it had a door. :)

Wow I can not believe how fast the time is going. I need it to slow down a bit.

Tally on teeth are:
Addison 2
Tyler 2
Brock 0

All crawling, climbing, standing up in cribs.

Tyler and Brock are side by side and many days I come in to find them playing together. Sometimes standing looking at each other and sometimes sitting with their legs out the slats talking to each other through the slats. Sometimes I feel Addison is left out but we plan to get her into her own room soon before she gets too use to be with the boys.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School is back in!

Oaklen playing with the babies.
Oaklen at a picnic in the park with Noni.
Where's Oaklen?
Oaklen being goofy with the street lamp.
This morning I sent my oldest to the 4th grade! He's getting so big. I was going to post earlier and thought I should wait until I talk to him. He said his first day was fine. He did not make any friends in his class however recess is held with all of fourth grade so he was able to play with his friend Nate from last year. He said his teacher was very nice and plans on taking her an apple tomorrow. I got use to having him here during the day when I put the trio down for nap the house was too quiet. So I had to turn on music which I never turn on music or Tv through the day because normally there is too much noise.

climbing stairs

Addison and Tyler decided today was a good day to learn how to climb stairs. Here is the video I caught of Addison. Any ideas on how to gate this? I only have a wall on one side of the stairs and this area is where my front door opens.

Sorry it is sideways.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctors appointment

Haha Addison wearing Brocks shorts on her head.

Look how sweet my Brocky poo is. Funny he was born with dark brown hair now he is my lightest blonde.
Trio climbing on Wes.
Attacking Oaklen
Addison showing of her pearly whites.
What happened to my babies? Oaklen changes them into a bunny, parrot and a monster.

Yesterday we went in for our 9 month appointment even though they are almost 10 months. I'm very excited as the doctor gave me some new suggestions for snacks and food. We now can do some table food such as small pieces of cucumber and ranch dressing, small pieces of lunch meat and cheese, and even the yobaby yogurt. We get tired of the same old things. We also were told we can eliminate a bottle and now use less formula and more food. So they will no longer get their bed time bottles. This is great because I was worried about their teeth decaying from the milk. Now I'm giving them a small bottle of water before bed. The doctor said she was very impressed with the development and said no one would be able to tell they were ever preemies.

My runt is no longer my runt! Yep Addison has passed tyler is weight!

Tyler 16lbs 14oz and 27 1/2 inches

Addison 17lbs 6oz and 27 inches

Brock 18lbs 4oz and 28 inches

Tyler has finally started a tooth. Addison has two and the pedi said Brock should have one within 2 to 3 weeks.

How do you all like the new background on our blog?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Addison Monster

Addison wears Oaklens Haloween mask.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Brock in Donna shades.
Addie in Oaklen's bike helmet

Look at Tyler's curls.
Oaklen and Sami (Johns daughter)
Tyler loves his daddy!
Tyler man trying to steal the camera.
Oaklen and Tyler (wow got a lot of Tyler)
Addison showing off her climbing abilities.

I know I slacking here. We have been pretty busy around here. Maybe in the winter when I am stuff in for another RSV season I will get more posts out.

Addison is crawling and climbing. She has one tooth and one poking through. She loves the sound of her own voice and talks all the time. Yesterday I had to tell her to keep it down or she was going to wake her daddy up. She can get very loud.

Tyler also crawling and climbing. Ohhh boy is Tyler into everything he can get his hands on. He's going to be my trouble maker. Still no teeth. Tyler is my big flirt and it is scary how much he looks like his daddy. Tyler looks to not have come from me at all. haha. He has curls on top of his head and woke up with a fro this morning.

Brock...aka Mommy's snuggle bug. Is actually growing some hair and it's very very blonde. Can you believe he was born with dark brown hair and now he is almost as blonde as Addison. He is not crawling but if there is something close by he gets to it by lunging a couple of times till he gets it. He's not climbing yet.

Oaklen is so bored it's ridiculous. I have to constantly tell him to go find something to do because he's just following me around the house. He says he's not ready for school but hopefully this will be a good year and he will learn to love it again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brock waves

Oaklen and Mommy. We really do not get many photos together because we are always the ones taking the photos. We do not yet have a family photo. Have to work on that.
We put putted today. The babies stroller was great about holding our golf clubs.
We entered the limo into the car show today. Haha. I think we are between a malibu and a nova. We saw many awesome cars today inlucing a supra, mustangs, camaros, a viper and many more. This was much larger than we had anticipated and we spent 5 hours their. Needless to say I'm running on fumes.

kids and poop go hand in hand

Literally.......if you have a weak stomach stop reading now. I kept smelling something and could not figure out what it was. All kids had been changed only a minute before. No poopy diapers. I feed all three kids and still can not find the source.....until Brock puts his thumb in his mouth and I notice something in his hand. At first I thought he had one of Oaklen small toys, but it was not. It was a small brown dime size smooshed hard poopy in his hand and almost touching his lip. Where did he get it? I have no idea but I hope there is no more where it came from!