Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctors appointment

Haha Addison wearing Brocks shorts on her head.

Look how sweet my Brocky poo is. Funny he was born with dark brown hair now he is my lightest blonde.
Trio climbing on Wes.
Attacking Oaklen
Addison showing of her pearly whites.
What happened to my babies? Oaklen changes them into a bunny, parrot and a monster.

Yesterday we went in for our 9 month appointment even though they are almost 10 months. I'm very excited as the doctor gave me some new suggestions for snacks and food. We now can do some table food such as small pieces of cucumber and ranch dressing, small pieces of lunch meat and cheese, and even the yobaby yogurt. We get tired of the same old things. We also were told we can eliminate a bottle and now use less formula and more food. So they will no longer get their bed time bottles. This is great because I was worried about their teeth decaying from the milk. Now I'm giving them a small bottle of water before bed. The doctor said she was very impressed with the development and said no one would be able to tell they were ever preemies.

My runt is no longer my runt! Yep Addison has passed tyler is weight!

Tyler 16lbs 14oz and 27 1/2 inches

Addison 17lbs 6oz and 27 inches

Brock 18lbs 4oz and 28 inches

Tyler has finally started a tooth. Addison has two and the pedi said Brock should have one within 2 to 3 weeks.

How do you all like the new background on our blog?


ccdean said...

Love the new look...good job. Your kiddos are adorable and getting so big. Love the monster face !!!!


Teela Herman said...

I LOVE the new look!! They honestly don't look like preemies anymore, AT ALL! Congrats, Mama! Looks like you are doing a terrific job! Thanks for the blogs. I love keeping up with them!