Friday, August 29, 2008

10 Months and 100 posts!

They love being outside. Do you think this is my sign they were ready to go out?
Brock playing the drums.
Brock at the park looks like a single stroller from this view.
Tyler eating a leaf.
Addison playing with a leaf.

Little red riding Brock.
Tyler loved his little house!
This is how he got in and out...
before figuring out....
it had a door. :)

Wow I can not believe how fast the time is going. I need it to slow down a bit.

Tally on teeth are:
Addison 2
Tyler 2
Brock 0

All crawling, climbing, standing up in cribs.

Tyler and Brock are side by side and many days I come in to find them playing together. Sometimes standing looking at each other and sometimes sitting with their legs out the slats talking to each other through the slats. Sometimes I feel Addison is left out but we plan to get her into her own room soon before she gets too use to be with the boys.

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Jessica said...

How cute your three are, I love reading your posts, it's like a preview of what my two will be doing in a month or so. Can you believe how fast they are growing?? Hope Oaklen is doing well and enjoying school.