Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School is back in!

Oaklen playing with the babies.
Oaklen at a picnic in the park with Noni.
Where's Oaklen?
Oaklen being goofy with the street lamp.
This morning I sent my oldest to the 4th grade! He's getting so big. I was going to post earlier and thought I should wait until I talk to him. He said his first day was fine. He did not make any friends in his class however recess is held with all of fourth grade so he was able to play with his friend Nate from last year. He said his teacher was very nice and plans on taking her an apple tomorrow. I got use to having him here during the day when I put the trio down for nap the house was too quiet. So I had to turn on music which I never turn on music or Tv through the day because normally there is too much noise.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad Oaklen's first day went okay, we still have another week until school starts around here. Addison is so cute climbing the stairs. I don't have any great ideas for a gate though, sorry!