Friday, February 29, 2008

4 months today new pictures

They are not happy to be getting their picture taken.

Oaklen loves his Addison.

My little man Tyler.

Brocks all giggles.

Addie pretty in pink.

Jessica with the boys.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Addison plays with her toys.

Here is Addison playing with her toys. She has learned not only can she use her hands on one toy but she can kick her mobile and make it come on at the same time. (She's a smart girl)

Adam,Oaklen and I all have the flu. I think Adam brought it home from work as they were all sick last week. We feel awful. Oaklen is all snotty and home from school. Watching movies on the couch. His poor nose is all red and he has a pile of snot rags next to him. (When I told him to spend the day on the couch he thought he could not get up to trow them away). He really does follow my directions to the T. I am running a fever over 100. The babies so far are all fine. I have masks to wear while I feed them and also hand sanitizer right inside their door. I feel bad but I have left them in their room all day because I do not want them exposed to all these germs. They are probably bored and missing all the interaction but I think it's better than all three of them getting this nasty flu. Every once in awhile I go in and chat with them and turn on their mobiles and replace their paci. I'm trying to handle them as little as possible which means for burping only. Boy I hope we can get over this so they do not get it. Tyler has been a little fussy but nothing really new about that...haha. I've been checking all their temps regularly and no fevers. I hate when I get knocked down like this. I have so much house cleaning to do and it's hard to tell myself to just sit down and get some rest, but today I feel awful and even a trip up the stairs is wearing me out. Lucky Adam is feeling better...I can not believe he went to work last week feeling like this.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chatting in the middle of night

I don't know which is stranger..the fact that Brock felt he needed to have a chat in the middle of the night or the fact that I'm posting it and should be sleeping.....

Sorry you can not actually see him but I was afraid if I turned on the light he would get stage fright.

Video and pics

This weekend Grandma Toni came over to watch the kiddos so I could go get my hair done and make it to the grocery store. I've never been a brunette so I'm still trying to get use to it. Too bad my editing does not cover up dark circles under the eyes!

Tyler and I are making pizza!

Brocks left Tyler right.

Nothing really new going on. Adam and I moved ourselves into the smallest bedroom of the house. Somehow the trio got the master with their own bathroom. We could have moved the trio into Oaklens room and put Oaklen in the smaller room but we did not feel right taking his room away. Addison has a toy she loves to play with. I'll try to catch her in the next few days on video.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 gone 1 to go

I got the call today that Brock and Tyler can come off their monitors. Addison is still having some apnea(lung) problems and she will have to remain on hers. Adam and I area a little relieved. We did not feel she was ready to come off anyway. I've lived with those cords for so long it now feels strange to pick a baby up without having to grab the cord first. I changed their diapers and did not have to tuck the lead cords into their diaper flaps. It's strange just seeing their chest without leads stuck to them. The empty space I have on my living room floor and not tucking the cords into the side of the crib. Wow it's amazing how much you do and not realize it until they are gone. I now will feel I need to get up ten times a night to check on the boys. Adam already jumped up this morning because he heard a baby cry over the monitor and it sounded like he did not exhale. It was Tyler and he is fine.

This is nap time. They are getting too big to share a crib. At night the boys share and Addison has her own as we can only fit two cribs in their room. After talking about it Adam and I are going to have to give up our room so they all have their own. They are starting to wiggle around too much and we don't want anyone ending up on top of the other. They also are starting to wake each other up. This means I'm going to have to find a new way for nap time or carry all three up to their cribs 4 times a day. Since the third crib is downstairs. Taking them upstairs is not that bad since they are still small, but Adam works nights and he sleeps upstairs. So they may wake him up. Addison is in their waking(screaming) Brock up right now and Brock is just talking to her.

Brock did not get the memo that we were taking pictures, but.....

It was a good one for Addie and Tyler.

Tyler has been very cute lately. We have a black and white picture of a little girl taped on his side of the crib. It's a visual thing for babies. Tyler will lay there and talk to her. He also like to talk to his mobiles. He will coo back and forth with me.

Brock also likes to talk but he does not so much do it at objects. He just lays there in bed (Mostly in the morning) and talk at the wood slats on his bed at the wall haha. He likes to kick his feet and wave his arms.

Addison is not talking much but full of smiles. Every once in awhile she will let out a high pitched squeel. She is very girly.

I can tell all their voices/cries from the other room. Usually if it's Addison she will fuss herself to sleep within minutes. They boys will not. Brock screams bloody murder. He has to be the loudest baby I have ever heard. Tyler has a sweet almost scratchy pathetic sound. Addison sounds like a girl even when crying. Anyhow I'm starting to ramble. I will update again soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Addison doesnt know what to think about the bumbo.

Brock likes the bumbo.

Tyler saying "Wazzup"

I'm very excited about our mats. For those of you who have been to my house know the entire downstairs is wood or slate. I was worried we would not have anywhere for the babies to learn to walk and play. So I found these mats and love them! They are soft to walk on and hopefully cushion the falls. They all kind of snap together and we can always add on to them. We can also take them off the floor and play with them. All the letters/numbers come out of their squares. I also bought gates to go all the way around this area. We had got the entire alphabet but some of their names require two of the same letter so we ordered a few extra so they could each spell their names. I must add excellent service from the company. I ordered them yesterday. They got them in the mail that same day and the very next day they were on my door step. Can't get better than that.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doctor visit

Oaklen Reads to Tyler

Oaklen holds Tyler and Addie

Addie is a big snuggler with uncle Chase.

Chase with all three.
Aunt Roni with all three.

Oaklen changes his first diaper.
Brock is saying help me.

Donna naps with Addie
We made it in for our February shots this past week. Brock is back in the lead for heaviest. He weighs in at 11 pounds. Tyler is 10lbs 13oz. Addison is 9lbs 11oz. Believe it or not my lightest sleeps through the night and the boys do not. The boys depend on their paci's a lot so I get up all night to give them back after they fall out. I'm constantly moving their cribs to get the paci's they throw behind the crib. I've even started to put 4 extra beside the crib but somehow they all end up back there. Addison could care less about her paci unless she is hungry.
All three are smiling and cooing. The best time to catch them is first thing in the morning. They wake up in such a good mood. Love to lay there and talk to their mobiles. They have not yet noticed each other. I wonder how long it will take before they start interacting together.
We had Nana Doe, uncle Chase, and Aunt Roni in this weekend. What a help they are! They completely took over most feedings and I was able to do other things. Adam and I made it out of the house to do taxes (for 2 hours and 40 mintues). I think this was the second time we got out of the house together since the babies were born.
Oaklen spent the entire weekend on his Nintendo DS. We normally monitor this very close. He plays only for one hour a day Saturday and Sunday. He's not allowed through the week. This being his first weekend after saving all his money and waiting months to get it we kind of let the rules slide. He also had fun playing with Wheel of Fortune with Roni and Chase.
I'm hoping to get the call this week about the monitors!

Thursday, February 14, 2008



We made the 5 o'clock news with this photo! If anyone by chance records the 5 o'clock news let me know.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All about Tyler

Today we had Tyler and mommy time. Tyler had a doctors appointment. It went very well. Dr. says she only sees the belly button hernia which will self correct by age three. She is not sure what the pedi was talking about but want's to see him back in three months just to be sure. Apparently if he does have one it will grow and be more obvious in three months. It felt so odd (and easy) leaving the house with only one. Tyler was very hungry and crashed for a long nap when we got home.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pictures and comments

I wish Tyler was holding his own bottle. It's just coincidence his hands are there.
He's getting big. He does not call me mommy anymore. I'm mom.
I think he's always holding Addison because she is lighter and he can handle picking her up on his own.
Tyler is happy.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry no pictures

I was thinking today(as I was cutting the babies finger nails) that I cut Oaklens, the trips, and my nails. Do you all know how many nails that is? That's 100 nails! It's a nailathon! Gees it's like an all day event to cut nails. Not a fun one at that. I hate cutting the babies nails...they hate it too. They do not like to stay still and I'm afraid I may get their little finger.

Oaklen finally got his nintendo DS. For those of you who do not know I made Oaklen save his money up for this. He got enough money at Christmas and we spent every week since then calling about ten places not to mention my weekly visits to walmart/target trying to track one of these down. Well last night at midnight Wal-mart got a shipment in and Grandpa went and waited for them to put them out. He said he was number 13 or 15 in line so these were in high demand. Oaklen is very happy and I am proud of him for being so patient.

The little ones have been very quiet today which means it's going to be a rough night. I'm hoping since Adam is home he will take care of them and let mommy sleep. Last night was my second full 7 hours of sleep since the babies were born. Adam was even going to let me sleep in but since I am nursing my body tells me when to get up. I'm trying to wean and go to all bottles so I can have more help at bottle feeds and can actually maybe get a day away to shop or out to dinner?

Cabin fever, yes we have it! I can not wait until we can just pack up and run to the park. When we can go to the mall or grocery store with kiddos in tow. When I can lose the feeling of having to sanitize my hands 20 times a day (my hands are like crocodile skin). When oh when will RSV/FLU season be over...will it ever end? At this point even doctor visits sound like fun. Which we have two this week!

Marshall Babies





Brock relaxing

Addison smiles all the time.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Addison is Daddys little sweet pea

Brock says "Hi I'm new here"

The monitor lady finally came and dropped off the special monitors to read the babies lung and heart. Starting tonight I will put them on and tomorrow she will pick them up. They will then be sent off to be read and she said it normally takes about two weeks but she thinks the babies will have no problems getting them off. We are ready to get rid of all these wires we have crossed and tangled in our living room. Not to mention be able to pick up one of our babies without being plugged into the wall.

They are all doing very well. Addison smiles all the time she loves for mommy to make faces.
Tyler is the most observant and loves to stair at his mobile for long periods of time. Brock is awake the most and demands attention. He screams very loud not crying just one time so you know he's awake. The other day he was fussing and wanted to be rocked. Oaklen takes after his mom with his multi tasking. He played a video game and bouced Brock in the bouncer at the same time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

We got out of the house.

While Oaklen went to see the monster trucks the babies and I went to stay the night at noni's house. They were very unhappy would not sleep and would not stop crying unless I was holding them all. As you can see they are getting a little big for this. Poor Addison looks uncomfortable but she was very happy and sleeping like that.

Shhh...don't tell Adam. Oaklen and I decided to sneak them out for a walk. They slept through the whole thing but it felt so good to get out even though it only lasted 10 minutes. It was a nice day but a little chilly. Oaklen said he was cold but as I pushing the triplet "limo" I was only in a tshirt and pretty warm.

Oaklen loved the monster trucks! My dad said they were so close they could have spit on them...Oaklen couldnt figure out why you would want to spit on them. : ) He did say when the trucks would get close it could throw dirt on them so they must have had pretty good seats. Oaklen has had a great week. He got all A's and B's on his report card.