Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Addison is Daddys little sweet pea

Brock says "Hi I'm new here"

The monitor lady finally came and dropped off the special monitors to read the babies lung and heart. Starting tonight I will put them on and tomorrow she will pick them up. They will then be sent off to be read and she said it normally takes about two weeks but she thinks the babies will have no problems getting them off. We are ready to get rid of all these wires we have crossed and tangled in our living room. Not to mention be able to pick up one of our babies without being plugged into the wall.

They are all doing very well. Addison smiles all the time she loves for mommy to make faces.
Tyler is the most observant and loves to stair at his mobile for long periods of time. Brock is awake the most and demands attention. He screams very loud not crying just one time so you know he's awake. The other day he was fussing and wanted to be rocked. Oaklen takes after his mom with his multi tasking. He played a video game and bouced Brock in the bouncer at the same time.

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