Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 gone 1 to go

I got the call today that Brock and Tyler can come off their monitors. Addison is still having some apnea(lung) problems and she will have to remain on hers. Adam and I area a little relieved. We did not feel she was ready to come off anyway. I've lived with those cords for so long it now feels strange to pick a baby up without having to grab the cord first. I changed their diapers and did not have to tuck the lead cords into their diaper flaps. It's strange just seeing their chest without leads stuck to them. The empty space I have on my living room floor and not tucking the cords into the side of the crib. Wow it's amazing how much you do and not realize it until they are gone. I now will feel I need to get up ten times a night to check on the boys. Adam already jumped up this morning because he heard a baby cry over the monitor and it sounded like he did not exhale. It was Tyler and he is fine.

This is nap time. They are getting too big to share a crib. At night the boys share and Addison has her own as we can only fit two cribs in their room. After talking about it Adam and I are going to have to give up our room so they all have their own. They are starting to wiggle around too much and we don't want anyone ending up on top of the other. They also are starting to wake each other up. This means I'm going to have to find a new way for nap time or carry all three up to their cribs 4 times a day. Since the third crib is downstairs. Taking them upstairs is not that bad since they are still small, but Adam works nights and he sleeps upstairs. So they may wake him up. Addison is in their waking(screaming) Brock up right now and Brock is just talking to her.

Brock did not get the memo that we were taking pictures, but.....

It was a good one for Addie and Tyler.

Tyler has been very cute lately. We have a black and white picture of a little girl taped on his side of the crib. It's a visual thing for babies. Tyler will lay there and talk to her. He also like to talk to his mobiles. He will coo back and forth with me.

Brock also likes to talk but he does not so much do it at objects. He just lays there in bed (Mostly in the morning) and talk at the wood slats on his bed at the wall haha. He likes to kick his feet and wave his arms.

Addison is not talking much but full of smiles. Every once in awhile she will let out a high pitched squeel. She is very girly.

I can tell all their voices/cries from the other room. Usually if it's Addison she will fuss herself to sleep within minutes. They boys will not. Brock screams bloody murder. He has to be the loudest baby I have ever heard. Tyler has a sweet almost scratchy pathetic sound. Addison sounds like a girl even when crying. Anyhow I'm starting to ramble. I will update again soon.

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ccdean said...

It's amazing how fast they grow. They are SUPER CUTE!!! I miss the days when mine were all in the same crib.