Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry no pictures

I was thinking today(as I was cutting the babies finger nails) that I cut Oaklens, the trips, and my nails. Do you all know how many nails that is? That's 100 nails! It's a nailathon! Gees it's like an all day event to cut nails. Not a fun one at that. I hate cutting the babies nails...they hate it too. They do not like to stay still and I'm afraid I may get their little finger.

Oaklen finally got his nintendo DS. For those of you who do not know I made Oaklen save his money up for this. He got enough money at Christmas and we spent every week since then calling about ten places not to mention my weekly visits to walmart/target trying to track one of these down. Well last night at midnight Wal-mart got a shipment in and Grandpa went and waited for them to put them out. He said he was number 13 or 15 in line so these were in high demand. Oaklen is very happy and I am proud of him for being so patient.

The little ones have been very quiet today which means it's going to be a rough night. I'm hoping since Adam is home he will take care of them and let mommy sleep. Last night was my second full 7 hours of sleep since the babies were born. Adam was even going to let me sleep in but since I am nursing my body tells me when to get up. I'm trying to wean and go to all bottles so I can have more help at bottle feeds and can actually maybe get a day away to shop or out to dinner?

Cabin fever, yes we have it! I can not wait until we can just pack up and run to the park. When we can go to the mall or grocery store with kiddos in tow. When I can lose the feeling of having to sanitize my hands 20 times a day (my hands are like crocodile skin). When oh when will RSV/FLU season be over...will it ever end? At this point even doctor visits sound like fun. Which we have two this week!

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ccdean said...

Ok I am jealous, was it 7 hours straight or 7 hours of broken up sleep????

The little ones are adorable.