Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Addison plays with her toys.

Here is Addison playing with her toys. She has learned not only can she use her hands on one toy but she can kick her mobile and make it come on at the same time. (She's a smart girl)

Adam,Oaklen and I all have the flu. I think Adam brought it home from work as they were all sick last week. We feel awful. Oaklen is all snotty and home from school. Watching movies on the couch. His poor nose is all red and he has a pile of snot rags next to him. (When I told him to spend the day on the couch he thought he could not get up to trow them away). He really does follow my directions to the T. I am running a fever over 100. The babies so far are all fine. I have masks to wear while I feed them and also hand sanitizer right inside their door. I feel bad but I have left them in their room all day because I do not want them exposed to all these germs. They are probably bored and missing all the interaction but I think it's better than all three of them getting this nasty flu. Every once in awhile I go in and chat with them and turn on their mobiles and replace their paci. I'm trying to handle them as little as possible which means for burping only. Boy I hope we can get over this so they do not get it. Tyler has been a little fussy but nothing really new about that...haha. I've been checking all their temps regularly and no fevers. I hate when I get knocked down like this. I have so much house cleaning to do and it's hard to tell myself to just sit down and get some rest, but today I feel awful and even a trip up the stairs is wearing me out. Lucky Adam is feeling better...I can not believe he went to work last week feeling like this.

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