Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Brock in Donna shades.
Addie in Oaklen's bike helmet

Look at Tyler's curls.
Oaklen and Sami (Johns daughter)
Tyler loves his daddy!
Tyler man trying to steal the camera.
Oaklen and Tyler (wow got a lot of Tyler)
Addison showing off her climbing abilities.

I know I slacking here. We have been pretty busy around here. Maybe in the winter when I am stuff in for another RSV season I will get more posts out.

Addison is crawling and climbing. She has one tooth and one poking through. She loves the sound of her own voice and talks all the time. Yesterday I had to tell her to keep it down or she was going to wake her daddy up. She can get very loud.

Tyler also crawling and climbing. Ohhh boy is Tyler into everything he can get his hands on. He's going to be my trouble maker. Still no teeth. Tyler is my big flirt and it is scary how much he looks like his daddy. Tyler looks to not have come from me at all. haha. He has curls on top of his head and woke up with a fro this morning.

Brock...aka Mommy's snuggle bug. Is actually growing some hair and it's very very blonde. Can you believe he was born with dark brown hair and now he is almost as blonde as Addison. He is not crawling but if there is something close by he gets to it by lunging a couple of times till he gets it. He's not climbing yet.

Oaklen is so bored it's ridiculous. I have to constantly tell him to go find something to do because he's just following me around the house. He says he's not ready for school but hopefully this will be a good year and he will learn to love it again.

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Heather said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! I was thinking back to where we were a year ago . . . it was impossible to imagine what lay ahead but so far all the challenges have been totally worth it. I know you feel the same. :) What a beautiful family.