Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hoping Addie gets off her monitor

Last night we hooked Addie up for 12 hours to her special monitor to see if she is ready to come off of it. I'm really hoping she is. According to our rental place the doctors are now saying that by 3 month adjusted if a child is still having problems it may be caused by a heart issue. Addison has not been tested since she was around 1 month adjusted and is now 5 months adjusted. She does have some alarms here and there but we are wondering if they may be a false reading. The machine may not be picking up on her really shallow breathing. She tends to have alarms when she is exhausted from either having company over or taking her somewhere. This may be causing the shallow breathing because she is just so tired she hits a deep sleep. I just wanted to keep everyone posted we should have results back within 2 weeks. We are very optimistic about this as we see no other signs that their may be a heart problem.

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