Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First time taking a bath together. Probably last time for awhile. They were not happy. Both boys are holding onto each other in fear. They burst into tears after this picture and I had to sing the itsy bity spider to get the to calm down. They also sat their shivering because the water was not very high. I am back to bathing them in the sink. I hope they get over this because these seats (compliments of Nana Doe) will be perfect for a baby pool when it get's a little warmer.

Funny how they always reach out for each other. They are very close. Not only do I know their cries but they know each others. Brock is afraid of everything and when he cries his scared cry they all cry. However if one is crying because they are tired or done with nap the others ignore it. Yesterday Addison hit her head twice. Once she slammed it into a toy on the exersaucer. Then a little later she was doing tummy time and slammed her head on the floor. When she cried Tyler cried for her immediatly. I have such sweet babies.

This is what I got for Mother's day. I asked for it and I ate it all...well I shared a little. I love ice cream cakes.

Oaklen got all A's and B's on his last progress report. So proud of him. Last weekend we had company over and Oaklen got to play with their son. I took two hours to fill water balloons only to have them all popped within 5 minutes. They boys had a blast though. We also rented movies and played clue.

I took Tyler to the doctor today for his follow up on his hernias. He looked good. They again said he did not look to have a hernia other than his belly button hernia which will heal in time. So glad we got to avoid surgery. I did not want my little guy to have to go through that. So strange leaving the house with only one child. He was very well behaved, but then again they all are most of time.

I am trying to get my house ready for a yard sale. I have so much stuff collected over the years not to mention all the baby clothes we have already grown out of. Oaklen is being a yard sale snoot. When I told him I was getting rid of his old clothes he said "Eww I wore those". The boy does not wear hand me downs. Thanks (Nana Bodine) for spoiling my son. : )

Adam is looking for a new (used) motorcycle. Gas prices are awful. The bike will pay for itself for the amount we will save on gas. He's been working a lot and plans on working the weekend also.

Oaklen and I have been sick for weeks. We have a cough that will not end. Oaklen was on a breathing treatment for it. My doctor put me on Advair and after that did not work an anibiotic which obviously has not worked. We are trying to stick it out now. Oaklen sounds much better than I do. I'm guessing because I have asthma. Everyone else in the hosue has been fine.

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