Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oaklens D-hall

Many of you know Oaklen started a new school this year. We have not been impressed to say the least. Although Oaklen does get good grades it seems the school knit picks just a bit. Oaklen got D-hall a few weeks ago for sitting in a squatting position on a bench. When the note was sent home the teacher had spelled squating instead of squatting. This note ,was from the music teacher sent to his home room teacher and forwarded on to the principal before coming home to us. Now everyone knows I can not spell worth a hoot however it may be teacher like this that caused my spelling problems. Haha. So three teachers read this and sent it home to me this way. Well we laughed about it and I was letting it slide. I signed the d-hall slip and told Oaklen it really was not that big of deal. When he is sent home for fighting or disobeying then that is a different story. That should have been the end of it. So I thought. Adam thought it necessary to correct the teacher and add a note on asking for more information. He did not sign his name and since I signed the d-hall his teacher thinks I was the smart you know what.

So the next note sent home is typed. I'm guessing so she could use spell check however spell check does not catch the grammar errors. I have to admit it was a polite note home. Very direct and to the point. However I'm going to pick a little here too. She says "However, if you feel it necessary to Oaklen to be allowed to sit in this position, please arrange a meeting with Mr. Hurley and me." Next problem is while apologizing for the spelling errors she puts "Sometimes my brain and hand doesn't always work together." I'm half tempted to ask Oaklen to get his red pen out and correct these sentences himself. Yes I know I am not being nice. I am picking on the poor teacher but this story does have a good ending so I will continue. In her note she tells us how d-hall was not meant as a punishment but rather a time to reflect on why it is not a good idea to sit in this position. So instead of playing with his friends at recess he gets the awesome privilege of sitting in class writing the note below. Adam and I got a kick out of his note.

Dear Mrs. Lee, I know why we must sit like normal people:

Step 1 If we don't sit normal we could fall and be parilized forever.
Step 2 Also, we'd hit our heads on the ground and that would hurt a thousand times.
Step3 And last of all, if we don't sit normal, we'd probably fall and break our arms and legs.

I am very sorry. I didnt know what I was thinking. I'll never do it again

From Oaklen

We just thought his note back was cute.

I must not be a normal person because you will catch me sitting at the dinner table indian style. 28 years and I have not fallen out of my chair.

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ccdean said...

I sit in the squatting position ALL the time and have yet to fall. I have even been known to do it on the dining room chairs. Husband can't understand it, I just think it is comfortable...go figure!!