Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 Generations

The 5 Generations. Haha and not one of them looking at the camera. Brock is refusing to look at anything.

Not often we get the three of us all in a picture. We are normally the ones taking the picture.
Brock looking confused as usual. Picture by Aunt Debbie.
Tyler playing on the floor. Picture by Debbie.
Tyler getting sleepy. Picture by Debbie.

It has been a very busy weekend. We started out with having my Aunt Debbie up to visit. She caught some awesome pictures of the kiddos. We played a lot of cards which we always do. It's always so much fun we do not get to do it enough. Thanks for visiting us Debbie!

After Oaklen attended Jacks(our neighbor) Birthday Party we headed out of town to visit Nana Doe in Dayton. It was a very long trip. It normally take us about 3 hour to get their but with the four kids and Adam stopping the entire way it took us 5 1/2 hours! We also got lost. Sunday we packed up and went to a family reunion where we got to get the five generations together! The trio met their great great grandma Nana Bea. The babies did very well being passed around to everyone. Oaklen had a blast playing games. We then travelled 7 hours home. Boy were we all tired. We got back home at 10:30 pm after stopping the entire way to try and calm the babies down. They were just exhausted and off their normal schedule. However it was a very nice trip to get to see everyone and show off the new additions.

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John Deru said...

Your kid is so funny !!!
4 parents ? Oh he is a lucky kid..