Friday, May 30, 2008

Free Stuff!

Brock loves frozen bananas and they are great for teething!

I love getting free stuff! Having triplets helps in getting lots of stuff free. I sent off for tons of things by adding the babies birth certificate to a letter. Most companies have a multiples program just to send us free things! So far I have gotten coupons for free packages of diapers, coupons for around 72 free gerber jars, and Carters sent very cute pj's and 5 pack of onsies. I also had ben going onto the walmart and krogers sites to sign up for the free food samples they send in the mail. This may seem like small things but like I said I love free stuff. Plus usually the samples are for new items so I get to taste them before buying them. My friend Christy sent me this great blog and what it does is combine the walmart and krogers sites so I no longer have to travel around the net looking for them. Go look at the site it's great also will tell you how to use your coupons to get free items and has sweepstakes. Thanks for the great site Christy!

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ccdean said...

You gotta love that free stuff. I can't wait to go get the mail everyday! Cute pics.