Thursday, February 11, 2010

A few snaps from today

This is where my trio sleep every night. I put them to bed in their own beds and as soon as I leave the room they make themselves a bed beside each other. Maybe buying a queen mattress would have been a better investment?

This is why we always seem to have bumps and bruises in this house. Monkeys! Brock was just sitting there watching TV and yes we are still having a nude phase.


Jessica said...

Where else would you watch tv but on top of a car in just a diaper? I love it, just like our house!

Anonymous said...

What is it about those cars that just calls out "SIT ON ME!" lol! I just had to comment, my three have always done that and it always scares me because I've had all three of them fall off it, at least once and get hurt, outside tho! At least he is inside and hanging on with his feet! :) He does look like quite the monkey too!


Megan said...

Maybe I should look into buying a queen size mattress insead of beds...thanks for the heads up! I was hoping the naked phase would end soon, but seeing how yours are older than mine, I have awhile to go yet!