Friday, February 20, 2009

What a mess!

Play? Who wants to play? We want to destroy!

Tyler balancing a cookie cutter.

Addie helping daddy tighten the table.
Tyler snuggles his bubby.

Addisons a rock star.

I've had a very busy week. Yesterday I had two appointments out of town, stopped at target, got my hair cut, came home in time to cook dinner, and then got the kids to bed. So it was no wonder I forgot today was Oaklen picture day at school. I had it on the calendar but did not even have time to look at the calendar. Infact if you were to even ask me what day of the week it was I would have had no clue. After Oaklen was off to school I realized I had forgotten. Adam said oh no he went to school in a red shirt but not dressed up at all. I though ok well it can't be too bad. IT WAS THAT BAD. When he came home he was not in a red t-shirt he was in a blue t-shirt that said "Pull my finger". FOR PICTURE DAY!


Marcus Family said...

It'll be a picture day you'll look back at and have a good laugh at!

We've had our fair share of picture day mess-ups... including the one where Joel sucked a blue pen and in the photo has blue teeth!

Jessica said...

I love the pictures of your alphabet mat, I have seen it in your other pics and always wondered how you kept it intact because ours is forever in a million pieces... I feel better now!
Lol, about Oaklen's shirt, you will always remember that picture!

Amanda Singletary said...

Do I want to put our alphabet floor in the playroom? We have carpet, I just wanted to protect the carpet from crayons, etc. But I don't want to have to pick up any more mess than I already have to!

That is HILARIOUS about Oaklen's school pic.

Teela said...

Bwahahahahahahaha! Pull my finger!!! HAHAHAHA I love it!! And thank you SO MUCH for posting pictures of your mess. It seems that everyone only posts pictures with a clean home in the background and I just don't know how they do it! At least I know I'm not alone with the messy toy room!

Jay Wilkinson said...

Now that will be a good picture. Dont feel bad, I sent Jayden to school in a Tshirt that day as well since I forgot.