Monday, February 9, 2009

Outside once again

We were very excited to get outside and play today! Here are a few pictures of the kids playing in the front yard. I was very impressed with Tyler because he is able to catch the football from a short distance. He's going to be my little athlete. Sorry only one of Brock he has been avoiding the camera and refuses to look when I call his name. I think he's had about enough with the camera. Oaklen did not get to play with us today as he had a lot of homework. Stinks he get's so much on a pretty day.

Brock is my little chunky monkey. He's really been packing it on lately. I expect him to shoot up a few inches very soon.
This is how I have been finding Addison the last couple of days.
Addison says "You talkin to me?"


Megan said...

It is about time you posted!! How cute, the are all adorable!! I can't wait to take mine outside to play for their first time!! It will probably be a couple months...but soon!

Jessica said...

Cute pics, I love Addison's headband. I'm jealous that you can see your grass, ours has been covered with snow for months.

ccdean said...

Love the pics of Addison, too cute!