Thursday, June 25, 2009

I appologize for the lack of posts

I have been very sick. To give you the short version my kidneys were having a hard time and causing me to get dehydrated. As of my blood work yesterday things are looking up and should have a full recovery in the next week or so. I feel a lot better and am finaly up and moving around. I would like to thank all the family who came in and took care of the kids. Also my wonderful husband who has had a major lack of sleep this week taking care of me.

It feels as though our summer has not yet started since we have all been sick. So not much to report. Oaklen has made a new friend down the road and he is with him just about every day for hours and hours at a time. I'm glad that he is still having fun since we have not been in the shape to take him many places. As of now 10:30 the boy is still in bed.

This morning after getting the babies down from their high chairs I caught them eating out of the cereal box! Sneaky babies! They all wanted to sit at the big boy/girl table for some kix.

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