Friday, June 12, 2009

Addison has polka dots

She woke up with them head to toe. They are light in color and seem to be fading but staying on her hands and feet. The pedi said she thinks it is more than likely she is allergic to the antibiotic she has been on for the past 9 days however since they seem to be mostly on her hands and feet she is not ruling out echo virus.

She told Adam echo virus could be contracted through the public such as a grocery store. Addison has been home mostly since becoming sick and the pedi mentioned maybe it passed by someone giving her some food with their hands who may have been in the public before coming over. More than likely this is not the case since Addison shares a spoon with her brothers who are fine.

They called her in a new antibiotic even though she only had one day to go on the old one. She still has an ear infections which leads me to believe we will be back at the doctor next week for the boys. They still seem just as sick as she is. Co-pays are not fun when you pay them and have to return two weeks later to pay them again! Or you take 10 days of antibiotic that you paid for only to find it did not work and you have to pay for another. I'm a tad bit frustrated that we are all not feeling better yet!

Adam and I are both still on antibiotic also and seem to be feeling better very gradually. Oaklen must have some type of immunity to this bug because hes still healthy.

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