Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's going on in Baby world?

We have started to work with spoons.

Everyone wanted a turn on the box.

Do you like the look on Adam's face. He is very annoyed with me for making a big deal of this day. This is Adam taking Tyler to the grocery store. This is the first time ever that one of the trio have left the house without me!
I may have been squeezing Addison a little bit with my legs to keep her in place. Haha She was trying to escape from the camera.
Addison got her first trim. So Aunt Donna can no longer make fun of her mullet.
Addison wearing Aunt Jessica's glasses.
Tyler played in this basket for about 30 minutes today! I'm going to have to bring it out more often.
Addison was mad she could not fit in it too.
This is Addison new hiding spot. She is found here many times a day. Sometimes she just opens it to sit down like a chair and others she closes herself in. I don't blame her if I had three bothers I think I'd hide too.
Oh where oh where can my baby girl be?
Oh where oh where might she be?

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