Thursday, March 12, 2009

Addie has it too

She started running a fever and wheezing yesterday. I've been giving her tylenol and breathing treatments. They are all very fussy and want mommy ALL the time. I can't wait for the weekend when I can get some help from Adam. Last night while I was giving Addie a breathing treatment Tyler was hanging onto my legs and Brock threw up his meds. I was stuck with a kid on the counter a child holding me in place and Brock happily playing in bubbly gum pink vommit. I should add this was right after his bath and clean pj's. Luckily Oaklen was home to rescue me.


FrenznickFive said...

Oh NO! I hope your kiddos get better asap! and on a side note i LOVE your st patty's day picture! adorable!!

Teela said...

Poor babies! And poor Mommy!!! Aiden just got a fever today. SOMETHING'S going around. I hope you ALL feel better VERY soon.