Thursday, August 6, 2009

21 months

Let's start in order of appearance. Tyler has an unlimited amount of energy which is why his name is mini man. He burns every calorie he takes in! I don't think the boy has gained more than a lb since his 1 year check up. No doubt he has his daddies stick legs! His favorite meal is PB and J. His big thing right now is knowing letters on a shirt. If your shirt something he wants to know what it says. Tyler is very needy right now. He wants to be held at all times or he whines and cries until someone does. He loves to snuggle.

Addison finding Waldo. We call her little mommy because she follows me around the house cleaning. She likes to wipe down the high chairs and appliances. Give her a baby wipe and she stays busy. Addison is a busy body and rather be left alone. She entertains herself as the boys more fight with each other. She wants nothing to do with them.

Grump on the trampoline.

Who said only girl accessorize?

The baby of the house. Brock remains to have his temper tantrums but has passed the others up on communication. Brock is bossy. If I tell someone to get down Brock screams at the top of his lungs "DOWN" or "NO NO" and points his finger. Brock loves wearing his sisters bracelets, purses and hats.
All babies are very much enjoying Elmo the movie. They enjoy their magnadoodle, and Oaklen's old car which you see Addison in above. Potty training has been put on hold as we have just been too busy running around to focus on it. Hopefully this fall when we are home more it will get done!

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Megan said...

Cant believe they are almost two!!!