Monday, August 17, 2009

Last camping trip of the summer

We had a blast at beech fork with Oaklen and Addison. Everyone fell and got hurt some way or another (except me) but Addie got the worst of it. Poor girl busted her lip and chin falling out of a camping chair and then skinned her knees at the pool. Oaklen skinned his shin while trying to ride his bike over a bridge. He rode over the bridge all right then off the side of it into a ditch. Although he got hurt it was funny to watch. We had a lot of fun on our bike rides and enjoyed way too many smores. Addison learned a few new words while gone. Our favorite is she says "WHAT?!?!" while throwing her arms in the air. What a sassy little thing she is going to be.

Brock and Tyler stayed home with grandparents. Tyler learned how to say yee haw and gapes (grapes). They also got a little tykes shopping cart which has caused a few fights already. Oh the joy of new toys. In a few days they will learn to share it and it wont be such a big deal anymore.

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