Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First night with toddler beds

Today we converted to toddler beds. I spent much time trying to make sure everything was cleared from their rooms so not to tempt them to get out of bed at 2am. The kids were so excited when they saw their beds. They each ran back and forth to each others checking it out. Not so happy about it when it was actually time for bed. I stayed in their room for 2 hours to make sure they were going to stay in bed. I wonder if they will now sleep in since they fought me for so long? Can I get lucky?


Tracy said...

I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow! Did you just sit in there for 2 hours? I have often considered getting a book on tape and listening to it while sitting in his room. lol I get bored easily.

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

No, I took my laptop in with me and a book. A book on tape is a good idea.

Tidy Triplet Mom said...

They are too cute. But its sad our kids are growing up so fast! How did the night go?