Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Laptop Yipee

Thanks to my good friend Glinda who clued me in on the sale Wal-mart was going to run today. It was 200.00 less than everday price so we could not pass it up. We know how the good sales at wal-mart work and since they open 24hours the sale actually started at midnight last night. So Adam called at 10pm and they said they only had three and 1 person was already in line. Adam got there in time and waited in line for close to 2 hours to get it. He must have been very bored because he actually had to stay right there no other shopping or he lost his place. Adam had not been to sleep in over 30 hours because he went hunting all day after work. Wal-mart was nice enough to give him a chair to sit. I was just sure when he got home he would come straight to bed but he stayed up until 2am. He is now still in bed and I bet he sleeps half the day.

I am still on the lookout for my camera disk to be able to upload some pictures or to find someway around it, but hopefully soon!

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