Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The underwear saga continues

Apparently Oaken did not learn from me stringing up his undies to the front porch. I really thought it would do the trick. He got mad at me for putting the video on the blog but it must not have phased him much since he continues to leave them there. He has continued to leave them on the bathroom floor. So this morning I took them and put them in a tupperware bowl and submerged them in water. I put the bowl in the freezer and can't wait for him to get home. I'm going to tell him he has to put them on. :) Of course there will be no way he can put them on but I'll have fun watching him try to figure out how to thaw them out. Thanks Steve for the idea. I did take your idea a step farther by making them into a undie ice cube. :) Adam thinks he needs a good old fashion butt whoppen but I'm starting to have fun with being creative. I'm running out of ideas so any ideas from my readers?

The babies are doing fine. Tyler is saying bye bye and waving. Addison makes one noise for all communication. She just sort of points at what she wants and makes a noise best to be described as a "aahh". Brock is getting big and loves his food! He is standing on his own but still not walking. The other two can walk but prefer not to and only do it with bribes.

Adam and I spent 4 days away on a hunting trip with family. We did not get any deer but opening morning Papa, uncle Mark and uncle John all got bucks and made the local news. We had a great time. I think it was some much needed alone time for us. Hopefully Adam and I will have better luck this coming weekend as I would really like to get some deer meat in the freezer.

So something very strange happened to me today. I went onto my computer to post this message. I though I had but apparently someone else maybe a family member signed onto my computer. I'm not exactly sure how this happened but I posted this message onto someone elses blog. I was able to delete it but it really scared me for a second. It was a very pretty blog about weather with pictures of scenery and then here the last post was about underwear. Very strange.

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