Friday, December 12, 2008

No pictures...

I am sorry to say that until I buy a new computer I do not think I will be able to share updated pictures. I tried to transfer some over onto the old computer but I do not have the unload software on it. I can not find my disk to get it either. So I am trying to figure out another option. I could try to get a disk made at wal-mart next time I am there but I am not there everyday so I will not be sharing pictures as often. Since they cut out Adam's overtime we are having to watch our budget which means a new computer is going to have to wait at this time.

So I am going to verbally share a picture I caught yesterday. It was a picture of the kids play area. It was a mess! They now no longer find their toys entertaining unless they flip them upside down. They have figured out how to take their floor mat apart so the pieces are everywhere. I also spent all yesterday rescuing them from the toy box which they find fun to crawl into but can not get back out. The fun game to play is how many babies can fit into a toy tote at one time.

Today Oaklen had no school due to snow. Do you know the school system calls at 5:30 am to let me know this! We had an appointment scheduled (so we thought) for the trio to get flu shots. We knew this would be an in and out trip so we asked Oaklen if he would like to go or stay home. He chose to stay home by himself. We went over the rules 50 times to make sure he knew what to do in case of an emergency. Stay upstairs watch TV do not go to the door for any reason unless there is a fire go next door to paulas and on and on. He did exactly what he was suppose to and we were gone about 45 minutes. I am so proud of him!

We get to the Pedi's office to find out our appointment was yesterday. Yikes luckily with the bad weather (cancellations) they fit us in right away. They even mentioned how it was not like us to not be there when we were suppose to. I don't know what happened but we did have it on the calendar for today. Last week we were at the Pedi for other shots and the babies weights are as follows.

Tyler 19lbs down from 19lbs 6oz
Addison 19lbs 9oz up from 19lbs 6oz
Brock 21lbs 11oz up from 21lbs something oz. :)

Tyler has lost a few oz but we are not concerned. He is so more active than the other two I'm sure he is working it off and/or a faster metabolism.

It's been snowing here. Adam and I still have not had any luck at hunting, but last week on our way out to our spot we got stuck in the snow. We would have been fine but the vehicles in front of us slid and stopped so we had to stop when we went to go again we slid right off the road. I have not driven a standard in over 10yrs other than backing up and forward in the drive way so it left me to push. If I had a camera we would be 10,000 richer because I'm sure this was a sight to see. I pushed the truck in the snow slipping everywhere for umpteen yards. When Adam got going he could not stop or he would slide again so here I am running beside the truck trying to open the door. Once I get it open I fell behind so I had to run my butt off again to catch up and jump into the truck at which point I only caught the very corner of the seat and Adam grabbed ahold of my jacket and pulled me the rest of the way in. I had forgotten my inhaler so I was a mess but after I caught my breath Adam and I laughed all the way home.

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