Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oaklen's Undies

Oaklen has got a bad habit of leaving his undies on the bathroom floor. I have done just about all I can think of to get him to remember to pick them up. Last time I hung them by string across the hallway and told him next time it would be the front porch. He looked at me with a very serious look and said "why would you do that to me?". Well apparently he thought I was joking because I strung up three days worth of underwear to the front porch. No I did not let my neighbors see them but what I did was set an alarm to two minutes before Oaklen comes home. I strung them up knowing he was on his way and I sat on the porch with my camera to wait. Below is his reaction on camera. He did not seem to take it as hard as I hoped so hopefully my plan will work and they will start finding their way to the laundry basket.

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