Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wow have we been busy!

Thursday night we headed out for trick or treat 30 minutes early to take the babies before a crowd set in. Grandma and Grandpa came up to pass out and candy and watch the babies for me to take Oaklen out. I think this may be his last year as he did not seem to into it and complained his mask was hot the entire time. Next year he will probably dress up but pass out candy instead of walking. Our neighborhood gets pretty busy so we pass out a lot of candy.

Saturday we had the babies birthday party. We had a house full! They loved all their new toys and faired pretty well with all the guests. We had a small scare with Addison and Brock after their cake. They broke out in hives and we had to call the pharmacy who said we had to call their doctor. Their doctor returned the call adn felt it was caused by the die in the icing. She said they coudl clear up adn break back out for days since it could take that long for it to run through their system. We have not had any other episodes.

Adam got me sick! I've been giving him a hard time for it. I feel awful and finally made it to the doctor this morning to find I have an ear infections in both ears along with the virus. He gave me an antibiotic along with my inhaler and steroid. Addison woke up with a runny nose this morning and Adam is blaming me for giving it to her.

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Jessica said...

They are so big! I love all of the pictures. I want to know how you got all three of them to keep their party hats on for a picture! The only one we have with their hats on involves screaming.