Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my babies!

Wow has it been a year? Time has gone by so fast! As I made this video I realized how much they have changed in such little time. I've been in tears all week as I made it because they are my last babies. I will never have a little baby again and I wish I could have stretched each day out a little farther. I miss the little baby who would lay so still while I just stared in awe. When they would wrap their little hand around my finger. I miss the days when they first smiled and their first laugh. I'm sure next year will be the same as I say how much I miss watching them crawl or watching their first step. I've been very blessed to have four wonderful children. So onto a lighter note.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Tyler.
Born at 3lbs 10oz Now 19lbs 7oz

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Addie.
Born at 3lbs 5oz Now 19lbs 7oz

Happy Birthday to my awesome snuggler Brock.
Born at 3lbs 14oz Now 21lbs

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